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Complete A Guide to Write For Us Education

This article elaborates in detail the essential norms and instructions for Write for Us Education guest blogging for the participating writers.

Are you interested in writing informational articles related to education? Do you have the curiosity to provide different thought processes and angles to topics surrounding education as a genre? If you are research-oriented and like to draft content that throws light on various aspects of the genre, then this opportunity is something you must look out for. Write for Us Education guest blogging is an excellent chance for all budding writers and experts to get their viewpoints heard by a mass audience.

All the details relating to the standards required for crafting an education-related guest blog are added in the below sections. Please read the entire article to learn more about the opportunity.

An Insight of the Website

We are an international website specializing in developing informative and knowledgeable content. Our team includes a group of writers who strive to bring the best articles that are researched minutely to cover every detail that can make the readers put their thought process. Regarding Write for Us Education guest blogs, we expect our writers to be curious to research the topic in-depth. As many articles are already available on the internet, the writers must provide something different for readers to read.

With our credibility, we have garnered an immense readership worldwide. Some of our categories have been ranked top among the readers. These include:

News genre: This genre caters exclusively to news trending locally and globally. With the internet opening the platform for disseminating false news, presenting only facts to the readers becomes essential.

Review genre: This category deals with providing detailed review articles on various websites that cater to multiple products and services. Our readers provide a complete overview and research details confirming if the website is a scam or is authentic.

Other genres like crypto, health, fashion, and technology are also on the popularity list in terms of readership.

Education Write for Us – Eligibility Norms

To ensure all the articles are high-quality, we have set a few standard eligibility norms for candidates. We recommend all participants review the eligibility essentials before proceeding with the content structure and guidelines.

Profession: Individuals from educational backgrounds like professors, teachers, etc are welcome to share their knowledge with our audience. Besides, any professional or fresher who knows the intricacies of the topic may also take part in the opportunity.

Education: Graduates in education and arts or any government service and freshers can also try out this opportunity in writing.

Content Knowledge: Every writer must have basic SEO knowledge and an understanding of content writing to participate in this guest blogging opportunity.

“Write for Us” + Education – Suggested Topics

While there are plenty of niche topics and sub-niches to explore related to education, here are a few listed to assist the candidates as reference:

  • Combining mindful learning and emotional learning for GenZ
  • New policies in the education system
  • Changing phases of education from the beginning until now
  • Does project-based learning provide any strength to the students
  • How important is critical thinking necessary in education?
  • Inspirational Stories of teachers and Their contribution to the Educational Field
  • What is the power of lifelong learning
  • What has shaped the classroom technique of learning through the years
  • Ways to foster Diversity and accessibility in the Learning Platform
  • Is STEM Education the future for innovators
  • Remote learning and strategies to succeed in online education
  • How does education help in enhancing psychological strength

Education + “Write for Us” – General Writing Guidelines

Education is a diverse topic that requires elaborate research. Moreover, the writing has to be top-class to participate as a guest blogger for our website. Thus, in the below section, we have enlisted some of the most required and mandatory writing instructions that all candidates must thoroughly follow.

  • The content must be knowledgeable and engaging.
  • Writers must adhere to the word limit. Do not exceed more than 1000 words. However, the articles must be at least 750 words.
  • Strictly avoid using a promotional tone or advertising any product or service related to the genre.
  • The content must be appropriately divided into sections, each giving out elaborate information
  • Every Education “Write for Us” article must be cross-checked for grammatical errors and plagiarism.
  • Use tools like Plagiarism Checker and Grammarly to proofread the write-ups
  • All articles must be edited as per the content guidelines and proofread
  • It should be readable, maintaining uniform font

SEO Regulations

In addition to basic writing essentials, every writer is expected to be well aware of the general SEO rules. We have enlisted a few as guidance for the candidates.

  • Match the keyword density in proportion to the overall word count
  • Add keywords that match the topic of the article
  • Do not overstuff excess keywords
  • Maintain a proper gap between every keyword
  • Add the keywords in a way that they make sense in the sentence
  • Adding heading tags like H1, H2, H3, H4 is necessary
  • Meta titles are a must, which must not exceed 55 characters
  • Meta descriptions are must which must be limited to 160 characters

Process For Sharing Write For Us + Education Sample Articles

Sharing the sample articles for this guest blogging opportunity is extremely easy. We request that the participants thoroughly read every aspect listed as instructions and guidelines in the above sections. Candidates must share their sample content with us via email at [email protected]. All the samples must be either in Microsoft Word format or Google Docs. We do not accept PDF formats for sample articles.

Final Conclusion

This opportunity is open to all those who believe they have the potential to create engaging and knowledgeable content for the audience. The content must add value to the readers and enhance their thought processes. All Write for Us Education details are listed in the above sections. The writing rules are enlisted clearly from criteria to what we expect our writers to follow regarding topic suggestions.In case of any questions or confusion related to the abovementioned format, the writers may email us. Our team will quickly connect with you and resolve all your grievances. Know more about education, click here

Is this article clearly describing the necessary criteria for guest blogging? Please tell us what you think in the comments box.

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