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Compleet A Guide to Write For Us Health

Your Health insights matter! Contribute Write for Us Health guest posts—inform, inspire, and be part of Esteponapress.com’s knowledge-based Health hub!

Your words can spark Healthy habits and inspire change. Share your expertise, whether it’s fitness tips, nutrition hacks, or cerebral well-being nuggets. Be Health guru readers seek, and let your wisdom ripple through our community. 

If you are a Health Educator, you can share your knowledge via Write for Us Health write-ups.

About Esteponapress.com:

Esteponapress.com offers honest, unbiased data, protecting you from false information and rumors. With detailed analysis, it guides your Health choices, ensuring you stay clear of pitfalls. Esteponapress stands out, delivering top-quality content. Different from others, Esteponapress remains untainted by affiliations, offering authentic write-ups through a dedicated and hardworking team.

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  • Bloggers must research Health topics thoroughly.
  • In-depth knowledge of various Health subjects in Health Write for Us posts is crucial.
  • Understand our audience’s interests in Health.
  • Exceptional written communication skills are a must.


  • Demonstrate knowledge through well-written documents.
  • Formal certifications (MD/DO/RD/NP/PA/MPH) are not mandatory.
  • Prefer bloggers with prior Health experience.
  • Proficiency in crafting content, blogs, and articles is essential.

General Guidelines:

  • Base your insights on credible studies, research, recognized Health professionals.
  • Offer actionable advice for real-life Health improvements.
  • Stay current with cutting-edge Health and wellness developments.
  • Explore mind-body connections for comprehensive Health coverage.
  • Emphasize proactive Health measures and preventive strategies.
  • Health “Write for Us” should acknowledge different approaches to Health and well-being.
  • Offer customized suggestions for varying Health levels and ages.
  • Break down advice into simple, achievable steps.
  • Debunk common Health myths to clarify misconceptions.
  • Avoid endorsing unverified Health products or practices.
  • Include expert opinions and personal experiences.
  • End with a call to action, seeking comments/feedback and sharing Health write-up.
  • Provide relevant resource links and maintain an approachable tone.
  • Proofread for clarity, avoiding typos and misleading sentences.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Ensure Health write-ups are original, avoiding duplication.
  • Evaluate write-ups for a high readability score.
  • Health “Write for Us” should ensure Health write-ups are free from grammatical errors.
  • Avoid passive voice; maintain more than 80% active voice in articles.
  • Steer clear of redundant information and sentence repetitions.
  • Refrain from including offensive words, information, and promotional links.
  • Use keywords appropriately and consistently for optimal SEO.

Content Writing Guidelines:

  • Provide accurate information, numeric figures, and facts—exclude gossip or false details.
  • Focus write-ups on subject of Health.
  • Essential to stay on topic and avoid deviation.
  • Include two backlinks, images without copyright restrictions, and do-follow links.
  • Add an introductory section in Write for Us + Health, pros and cons, FAQs, headings, bullet points, subheads, and reference links.
  • Ensure fairness with an unbiased conclusion summarizing key points.
  • Maintain a minimum word count of 800 but at most 1,500 words. 

Tailoring your write-ups:

From debunking myths to exploring innovative Health tech, Esteponapress’s audiences seek write-ups that unwrap practical Health hacks, share personal success stories, unveil latest wellness trends, insights on fitness routines, cerebral resilience strategies, nutrition essentials, preventive Health measures, real experiences, backed by trustworthy information driven from a diverse range of topics.

“Write for Us” + Health Topics:

  • Aging Gracefully/Alkaline Diet/Allergies Insight/Anti-Inflammatory Diets/Athletic Recovery/Balanced Diets/Balanced Workouts/Blood Pressure Tips/Bone Health/Boosting Metabolism/Brain Health/Brain-Boosting Foods/Breathing Techniques/Building Endurance/Calorie Burning Workouts/Cancer Prevention/Cardiovascular Health/Detox Strategies/Diabetes Prevention/Digestive Health/Emotional Wellness/Exercise Techniques/Family Fitness/Family Nutrition/Fertility Awareness/Food Allergies/Food as Medicine/Functional Fitness/Green Living/Gut Health/Heart Health/Herbal Remedies/Holistic Health/Holistic Therapies/Home Workouts/Hormonal Balance/Hormone Health/Hydration Tips/Hygiene Practices/Immune Boosters/Immunity Boosting Foods/Injury Prevention/Intermittent Fasting/Joint Health/Managing Chronic Pain/Meditation Practices/psychological Health Apps/psychological Health at Work/psychological Resilience/psychological Wellness/Mindful Eating/Mindful Parenting/Nutrition Basics/Organic Living/Outdoor Fitness/Plant-Based Diets/Portion Control/Positive Body Image/Posture Improvement/Pre and Postnatal Fitness/Resilient Parenting/Resistance Training/Seasonal Eating/Self-Care Routines/Skin Care Tips/Sleep Hygiene/Strength Training/Stress Relief/Stress-Free Living/Sugar-Free Living/Superfoods List/Vision Care/Water Benefits/Weight Management/Whole Body Workouts/Write for Us + Health on Workplace Wellness/Yoga Benefits, Etc.
  • Fitness Apps/Challenges/for Beginners/for Busy Schedules/for Energy/for phsycological Clarity/for Seniors/for Weight Loss/Tech Trends/Trackers, Etc.
  • Healthy Aging/Bones/Desserts/Digestion/Habits/Hair/Joints/Posture/Recipes/Relationships/Snacking/Travel Tips, Etc.


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Advantages of Writing Health write-ups:

  • Showcase Health wisdom to a vast audience.
  • Empower readers with practical wellness insights.
  • Helps Establishing credibility in Health space.
  • Reach diverse audiences seeking valuable Health guidance.
  • Ignite discussions on trending Health topics.
  • Expand online presence through Esteponapress.com.
  • Share knowledge, promoting continuous Health education.
  • Contribute positively to readers’ well-being.
  • Health + “Write for Us” connects with an active community of Health enthusiasts.
  • Cultivate a platform for sharing Health-related experiences.

Submission of Health Write-ups:

  • Submit your write-ups for review or direct publication to editor.[email protected].
  • For clarifications, email Esteponapress’s editorial team.

Final thoughts:

Esteponapress’s editorial team reserves right to modify or remove parts of your Health write-ups. Once they are approved, refrain from submitting your Health write-ups elsewhere. Esteponapress’s team will contact you before publication or within 24 hours after submission. 

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