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Write For Us + Hemp Blog explains the necessary guidelines that need to be adhered to while presenting a guest post article.

Do you know what plant hemp is derived from? Since hemp is derived from the cannabis plant, many think hemp belongs to the class of natural drug additives. But the reality is, hemp is mostly used as a medicinal and industrial product. Our platform has taken up the thread through Write For Us + Hemp Blog where we will publish the facts behind hemp.

About Esteponapress.com website 

In this digital world, we need the information to stay vigilant and conscious. Our website’s core principles are based on making people to take wiser decisions on the internet, be it on reading articles or purchasing products. Thus, by upholding our core principles, we can create a wider reader base from many parts of the world.

Our top-notch content is based on the following niches:

  • Reviewing the Website and Products.
  • Crypto Exchanges and its News
  • Legal Aid
  • Health
  • CBD, Etc.

Requirements for writing article 

  • We expect the Write for Us Hemp content contributors to have the necessary experience in the fields of hemp and cannabis. And they have to present the article in a well-researched and SEO-friendly manner.
  • Content contributors can be from different educational backgrounds, but their content should be solely based on hemp and hemp-based products. So, anyone with knowledge of hemp production and legal applications can try.
  • The authors should back their content with global organization reports like WHO, FDA etc. because it adds value to the content.

Our suggested topics 

  • The difference between hemp and natural additive products 
  • The THC level of every CBD and hemp product.
  • Legal status
  • Medicinal and industrial applications

Documentation guidelines

  • Write For Us Hemp Blog Guest Post word length is 500 to 1200.
  • Guest post articles should not promote any particular hemp products, and the article should be conveyed in a positive tone without any biases.
  • The grammar and spelling mistakes are unacceptable at any cost, so the authors should check the Grammarly score before submission. The required Grammarly score is > 98%.
  • The article should not exceed the threshold spam score of 2 to 3%.
  • Guest post authors should include relevant external and internal links with their articles, which should be highlighted in green and blue.
  • Hemp Blog “Write For Us” article should be appalling with proper subheadings, bullets, etc.
  • We are strictly against plagiarism, so please do not steal anyone’s effort.


  • Our platform publishes content based on SEO strategy, so the guest post articles reach many viewers.
  • our diversified reader base adds more to the web impressions on the guest blogs.

How to submit?

We request the authors send their works to this mail address, and our team will respond to them as soon as possible. Queries related to the guest post can also be asked to us.


Thank you for being so interested in our platform’s works; we value every Write For Us + “Hemp Blog” author’s contribution because the quality and original content speak louder than anything else. As a result, we ask the authors to send us their original work. And the selected articles will be notified to the authors. Kindly check out more about hemp here.

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