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Learn more about the ways to present Write for Us News article and helping writers to reach their article a popular one.

Do you possess the habit of reading newspapers, and can you provide a detailed analysis of the latest happenings to our readers?

News articles are always on trend until the whole world stops working. A guest blogging opportunity about a news article is a boon for the writers to exhibit their writing skills. Hence, we request everyone to grab this Write for Us News chance to make their words shine among the digital crowd.

Introduction to the website “Estepona press”

Our website is deemed one of the leading and most prominent content creation platforms in this digital medium. It helps people learn about various happenings in the world by publishing articles in the genres of website reviews, product reviews, entertainment, education, health, lifestyle, automobiles, cryptocurrency, digital coins, legal aid, and real estate.

Our platform not only addresses surface-level trending topics, but we also discuss things that are truly helpful for our readers. In this way, we have grabbed the hearts of thousands of people.

Write for Us + News writer’s desired qualification

The News is something that is bound to the lives of everyone because our daily conversation revolves around our news articles, be they about the world war or the gossip of cine actresses. Hence, news articles are used to get lots of traffic and viewership from people worldwide. That’s why our team, after deep research and analysis, chose News as the writing topic.

In addition to that, it can be a primary writing opportunity where it will be easier to search for the topics, and even writing a News Write for Us article is easier to construct than the technical ones. 

Even then, the writers must adhere to a specific criterion to enter our team (don’t panic, it will be genuine; we are looking for writing masters only, not Ph.D. holders!)

Educational background: For writing a news article, we are not searching for accurate professionals; the ones who finished their graduation degree or the ones who are currently studying can also attempt this “Write for Us” + News article. In addition to that, the absolute professionals who finished mass communication and journalism can also share their esteemed knowledge with us.

Professionals: A person who is working for any other digital news articles or newspaper articles can also exhibit their acquired skills. Other ordinary people who have exceptional news writing skills can submit their work to us.

Experience: We are the platform that rose from the talent of our writers, and they believed in us, and we believed in their News + “Write for Us” writing talent alone, not their prior experiences and all. Hence, newcomers can also make use of this opportunity.

Skill sets: Writers should possess phenomenal writing skills if the articles get published, which means the readers must read the full content. That much creativity and innovation should be reflected in their respective articles. It is a plus if the writers also know the SEO optimization technique; if not, it won’t be a big issue to be worried about.

News “Write for Us” Suggested topics

News articles are of different types; there are techno updates, sports news, entertainment news, space, geopolitics, etc. Writers have to choose one, and they should develop the article accordingly. While choosing the topic, kindly make sure that the chosen topic is the latest and trending one.

If any writers find it challenging to understand the statement mentioned above, they can have a look at these example topics to understand our needs.

  • What are the updates on the Hamas hostages’ issues? How many refugees have been released to their respective countries till now?
  • Write for Us News Writers can also write about: What are the insights from this latest COP 28 summit? Why is Meloni trending on the internet?
  • What are the upcoming more significant matches in football, baseball, basketball, and cricket?
  • Writers can also share entertainment news covering actress or actor updates, their projects, etc., but strictly no gossip is allowed on our platform.
  • AI has uploaded many technological updates, so writers can also write about new electronic gadgets, technology, etc.

News “Write for Us” Guidelines

  • News article word length should be in the range of 1500 to 2500.
  • While curating the news article, the writers must be cautious with the authenticity and reliability of the News. Because in this digital era, many fake news stories are spreading all over the world. Hence, kindly use the excellent source as a reference.
  • Each news article must be 100 unique in manner. All the News will indeed be the same, and thousands of News Write for Us articles will be posted on the same topic. Still, the writers must have the ability to write a unique article, for sure.
  • The article needs to be written in simple and error-free English. Kindly don’t make any grammatical mistakes while creating a news article.
  • The article needs to be very presentable in such a way that the writers can use relevant images, bullets, pointers, fun facts, etc.
  • Writers should not reveal any gossip or controversial topics in their articles.

“Write for Us” + News SEO guidelines

  • It is essential to follow the SEO optimization technology while writing the news article because, as the example of “COP 28” means, nearly thousands of articles will be posted on the internet from all over the world. In that case, we have differentiated ourselves from it. And SEO is the only way.
  • Incorporating SEO keywords and relevant internal and external links is the best way to optimize the articles.

News “Write for Us” Benefits

  • As our platform is top-rated, the writers may gain a great deal of fame upon posting their articles.
  • Our skilled team will act as a supporting hand throughout the writing process.

Submission rules

The news articles of the interested candidates need to be submitted to the esteemed editorial mail address: [email protected].


Thus, we have listed the ways to curate the news article on our highly recognized platform. Write for Us News guest blogging opportunity will surely be a great boon to aspiring writers; hence, mark your attempt by simply posting your News projects at this email address: [email protected]

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