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Please scroll down to the below article on Write for Us Security and learn the required rules for such a write-up.

Do you love writing articles? Do you love reading blogs on different subjects? Are you looking for a platform where you can publish your write-up? We have an online platform for you where you can write. 

But before you start writing, you must know the rules you need to follow while writing or the benefits you can get after registering for an online platform. So let us discuss the main points of Write for Us Securitybut before we start talking about writing, we must know about our portal.

About Our Portal: Esteponapress.com

Esteponapress.com is an online platform famous for supplying news and reviews to its readers. Thousands of events are happening in the world daily, and our portals strain among them and present the information to the most happening and trendy readers.

The news we present cover multiple subjects; for instance, it can be from technology, discoveries and invention, new applications or the reviews of the website and the product. As we share news from various dimensions in our portal, we have readers interested in different niches. 

Benefits of Write For Us + Security Blog

  • You only have to write quality content; only you will get an already popular platform for your content. With the help of our portal, you can reach readers worldwide, which can be a huge benefit for a writer.
  • You can make people aware of the importance of security and the different aspects of security.
  • Your content can get huge traffic if you have good SEO knowledge.
  • Through the daily communication of the readers and writers, a relationship will build up where you can get feedback on your writing from the readers. In this way, you can understand the exact position of your content.

Guidelines of Write for Us Security

  • Grammar mistakes should be minimal, and your content must be verified in Grammarly with a 98+ score for your content.
  • The content must carry up the writing of your own. If your content faces any plagiarism issue, it might face dismissal.
  • The Word limit of your content will be as per the instruction of our portal, and it should not be less than 800 words.
  • You have to start your write-up with an appropriate heading that can express your content’s entire thought. Later you will put subheadings that can match the flow of your writing.
  • In Security “Write For Us”usage of active voice is mandatory for most of your write-up.
  • The selection of language is very important for writing for a portal. The more you write in simple language, the more it can be acceptable to the readers.
  • You cannot attach any promotional link on your own. You also cannot write any promotional content in your write-up. You should strictly follow th rules that are given to you.
  • An external link is necessary for your writing to let your readers know more about that particular topic. 
  • Your content should not contain more than 3% of spam sore.

These are the guidelines of Write For Us Security Guest PostYou must follow each of them while writing for our portal. Let us see who is allowed to apply for this writing purpose.

Who Can Apply

  • People who have knowledge of security and can write about the various aspects of that topic after searching the internet can apply to grab this chance.
  • When you are writing for the portal, you must have SEO knowledge, with the help of which you can get more traffic for your write-up. So the people who know SEO are welcome to write in our portal.
  • The intention of learning new skills is very necessary to enhance your writing quality.
  • In Write For Us + “Security”you must present the information in your content in such a technique that it may seem persuasive to the readers.

How to Contact Us?

To grab the opportunity provided by Esteponapress.com, you need to send us your writing samples so our experts can assess your writing skills. You can send your samples to [email protected]. You can also send mail if you are confused with anything related to writing. We will try to help you without delay.


We suggest that those with quality writing take this opportunity as it greatly benefits a writer. But while Write for Us Security, you must write under the guidelines provided so that our experts can accept your content as soon as it reaches us. To get more knowledge on security, click here. 

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