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About General Information Write for Us Stories

The article gives you an idea about our significant Write for Us Stories segment and also profiles the essential requirement for the story writing protocols.  

Do you know stories have many roots? People like to read the story. In this world story, listeners have no age bar. It needs lots of creativity. Many companies also like to publish the story and gain a good readership. Our company also publishes stories of different genres.

Due to this reason, we need some outstanding story writers who can provide us stories from different angles. We will publish these stories on our portal in the Write for Us Stories

The Portal You Will Write For

We have a great reputation in the content writing sector. Our company name is Esteponapress. We generally offer content writing services to various entities. We have lots of verticals. But we also publish stories of the writers. Even we have a different sector that is only concerned with the storytelling approach. 

For this section, we want some fantastic and experienced storytellers who can write the story for our esteem portal. We will publish their story on our portal. The guest story writers will also gain many benefits. It will also help our organization. 

Application Rules for Stories “Write For Us”

Before you decide to send us the story, check our application policies once. It will help you to understand the basic protocols of the storyteller segment. You can apply for our portal if you think it will match your criteria.

  1. Writing a story is not easy work. It needs a lot of thinking, creativity, data checking and command of the language. If you can maintain this, you can start writing the story on our portal. We expect that the writers must know all the writing protocols of the storytelling attitude. For this reason, we want to experience story tellers.
  2. For Write For Us + “Stories”, the writers should have passion. The story is a draft of the fiction on any topic. So, you understand that drafting the dream is not easy work. It drains out much thinking. Besides this, the story must have some optimistic views and morals. 
  3. The writers should use simple and easy language while drafting the story. 
  4. The story writers should have an excellent command of the language. The story writers must know the great but simple words that pronounce the feelings of the story.
  5. It is good before starting the writing; the story writers check our portal for the writing reference.

SEO for Write For Us Story Guest Post

Even for the story writing segment, we don’t forget to mention the SEO rules for the writers. 

  1. The story contains the actual facts. Please don’t copy the idea or concept.
  2. We check the plagiarism of your writings. Be sure you write 100 percent plagiarism writings.
  3. Keyword stratification is another formula to create buzz on the internet. You need to put a keyword at a 0.75 to 1% density.
  4. The writers should provide a 100 percent grammar score. 
  5. The spam score should be within 3.


The writers will have many advantages in the Write For Us + Stories Blog section. As a content writing company, we understand the pain of story writers. We also appreciate the hard work and creativity of the story writers. For this reason, we want to give them an optimum point of facilities. 

  1. The writers will create something outstanding, something new. We will publish this entire story on our portal. It will help them and boost them to become story writers.
  2. We will help them with editorial and technical issues. We will help them learn about modern content writing equipment and current story writing concepts. The writers will get a great platform. 

Submission Regulations

For Stories “Write For Us”, the story writers can directly send us their story to the official mail id: [email protected]. Don’t worry. We will inform you in your inbox within just 24 hours. 

We also assure you, for the best reason, our editor team will check out your content and edit it for publication. For the same reason, we also take full responsibility and ownership of your published story. The writers don’t worry about this. 

Are you ready to become a Story Writer? 

Many people don’t get this opportunity. But as a reputed organization, we are offering the opportunity of Write for Us StoriesWe also help you out with many complex issues. Get ready and start writing for us. 

If you want to know more ask our company. Also, check the link for more references

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