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Are you a regular traveller? Do you recollect your good and bad experience with a destination you had visited? What are the general things that you consider before visiting a location? How was your preparation?

Your experience and knowledge about Travel could help thousands of travel lovers around the globe. Would you like to share your expertise about travelling with our global readers? Then, please find below the guidelines for Write For Us Travel Paid guest post.

What do we cater to?

We are a global promotional and commercial website that brings the latest news on various topics. Our global audience comes from different walks of life and interests. Therefore, we focus on providing accurate information to our readers by eliminating rumours and misleading information.

Our global readers are interested in gaining knowledge on specific topics, including adventure and Travel. Furthermost, the travel industry and internet marketing go side by side to continuous keep up the business.

There are many factors in the travel industry that determines customer needs. The customers also research these factors to find the best destination suitable for them.

As a blogger, you can share your specific experience of travelling to a destination. You could give useful tips regarding preparing for Travel, what things to do at the destination and what not to do.

You can also contribute to our guest posts as a professional travel agent, travel guide, etc. Our platform allows you to discuss the hygiene, facilities and various important facilities available at a destination in Travel Paid “Write For Us” guest posts, opening new income doors. 

Travellers would generally be interested in destinations where they can travel with their family and friends. Most of the time, it is during a holiday or when they plan a weekend party. All travellers would be interested in knowing about the preparation required before travelling, which includes packing and health measures.

Additionally, the traveller would be interested to know:

  • The best mode of transportation to reach the destination,
  • Best local transport available at the destination,
  • Different stops and points where you had halted,
  • Necessary things to buy during travelling,
  • Hygiene facilities during transport and at the destination,
  • Local areas to visit,
  • About the people,
  • About their culture,
  • Popular foods specific to the area,
  • Visiting famous street food corners and restaurants,
  • Ease of communication,
  • Economy of accommodation,
  • Artworks, artefacts and articles about buying from the destination,
  • Approximation of travel and accommodation expenses,
  • Access to liquid cash, etc.

Guest posts writing skill set:

Delivering straightforward information and eliminating redundancy would help our global readers to understand your travel experience. Therefore, the article writer should have excellent communication skills. He should be able to research well on Write For Us + Travel Paid topics. 

The article writer need not be a professional working as a travel guide, travel agent or associated with a travel industry. The blogger may not be related to the travel field having a degree in tourism, Travel or hospitality. But, your experience as a constant traveller and blogger would be an added advantage.

Guidelines to consider while writing Travel post:

  1. The article must give detailed information.
  2. The length of the article must be 1k words or more.
  3. The post must be structured, including proper headings and sub-headings.
  4. The post must exclude any deceptive information.
  5. The write-up on Write For Us Travel Paid should avoid unnecessary information. 
  6. There should be at least two links with low spam scores for educating the reader.
  7. You must have a fair and final conclusion in your article.
  8. Your Write For Us guest post must be genuine and plagiarism free.
  9. Your article should be in a passive voice and pleasant to read.
  10. Your article should have a high readability score and easily understandable.
  11. Your article should have a good readability index.
  12. Your article should not include any promotional materials.
  13. Your articles must be centred on crucial aspects of Travel Paid.
  14. Your guest post must be free from grammatical mistakes and any errors.
  15. Your guest post should comply with all SEO norms.
  16. Your posts must be reliable with referenced facts from trustworthy sources.

Topics related to Write For Us Travel Paid:

  • Adventure travel
  • Affordable tour
  • Best neighbourhoods
  • Travel destination selection
  • Day trips
  • Dog-friendly trips
  • Finding a travel guide
  • Food travel
  • City’s Fun factors
  • Hiking, camping and backpacking
  • Honeymoon places 
  • How to explore travel destinations
  • Individual travelling
  • Interesting travel destinations for holiday
  • Kid-friendly tours
  • Make money while travelling
  • Choices of Public transportation
  • Road trips
  • Scenic drives
  • Speciality tours
  • Exploring thinga during travelling with family and friends, during daytime, alone, at nighttime, etc.
  • Top-rated travel destinations
  • Train rides
  • Travel stories
  • Travel tips
  • Travelogue
  • Weekend trips
  • White water rafting tours 

Benefits of Write For Us Travel Paid:

  • You can develop trustworthy relationships with readers on our global readers,
  • A new door of income could be opened for yourself and our readers,
  • Your article could reach the great highs with considerable viewership,
  • With our global promotional platform, you receive global exposure.

Submitting Travel Guest Post:

You can e-mail a sample article for our review and approval or submit your original write-up to [email protected]. Please access our ‘Contact Us’ page to view our e-mail. Once we review your write-up we will contact you for confirmation before publishing the write-up.

Note: We have the right to remove any redundant content, edit your article or modify it before publishing. 

The Final Thoughts:

As a Write For Us Travel Paid article writer, you need to showcase exceptional written communication skills and excellent research abilities regarding topics related to travel. You need not hold a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, tourism, and Travel. You need not be an associate working at a travel agency, a travel agent, or a travel guide. However, experience as a traveler and blogging is preferred.

Was Travel Paid Guest Post reviews informative? Let us know your views on these guest post guidelines. 

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