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Only someone with not that much rationality built into them would claim that the internet does not have a significant impact on our everyday living in today’s world. As per the Internet World Stats, one of the foremost sources of statistics out of the great state of Pennsylvania, there are as many as five billion people taking advantage of the global network today. Putting things into perspective, that is two out of every three people living on the planet as of now! Want another astonishing figure about the internet? There are more than seven thousand internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States alone! 

Statistics aren’t the only way we can prove that the internet is important. Just think about how we spend our day. We use the internet to go to work when using Google Maps. At work, when we are sending emails and whatnot. And then, at home when looking at our friends’ stories on Instagram. According to one research study, the average person uses social media for two and a half hours in a single day! In short, our professional and personal lives are dominated by the internet. 

Xfinity > Competitors

By now, we are sure that we are on the same page on the fact that the internet plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. And when something plays that important a role, it only makes sense to have the best kind of it at your disposal. In the scenario that you currently have a connection that does not, in your opinion and experience, make the cut, our recommendation would be to go for Comcast internet. Comcast, through the consistent provision of top-notch services over time, has established a very positive repute as far as the provision of the global network is concerned. 

Xfinity Packages For Northeastern United States

To help you with the cause we have vouched for in the previous paragraph, we will be laying out all the different packages available to Xfinity subscribers. However, before doing that, we feel that it is important to clarify two things. Firstly, all the packages that we will be elaborating upon below are only available to the people of the Northeastern region of the United States of America. These include residents of the states of  North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Maine. Alongside, all the internet speeds quoted below are only rough estimates and may vary from area to area and over time. Obviously, if you are routinely facing speeds that are much below what you are paying for, that is a cause for concern and you should call Xfinity customer service in that case. However, knowing how good Xfinity is in terms of internet service, we are confident that you will not be facing that much of an issue. Now that we have clarified whatever needed to be clarified, let us dive straight into the packages.

Performance Starter 

Xfinity’s Performance Starter package is the least expensive of all Xfinity packages. And every cent you spend on getting it is worth it as you really do get back a lot for what you pay., The download speeds you get are as high as fifty megabits per second while the upload speeds are as much as five megabits per second.


For a little bit more of a price compared to that of the Performance Starter, you get double the download speed in Xfinity’s Performance package. The download speed ends up being 100 Mbps while the upload speed remains 5 Mbps.

Performance Pro

Performance Pro triples the download speed from the Performance package to 300 megabits per second. Again, the upload speed is constant at five megabits per second.

  • Blast!

Blast! offers download speeds up to six hundred megabits per second while offering upload speeds of ten megabits per second.

  • Extreme Pro

With Extreme Pro, you get an upload speed of 15 Mbps and a download speed of 900 Mbps.

  • Gigabit

As the name suggests, the Gigabit package surpasses the thousand-megabits-per-second mark and enables speeds of 1200 Mbps. On the other hand, you get an upload speed of 35 Mbps with this package.


We wish you good luck with choosing the package that best fits your needs.

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