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Hello, readers; the topic for the day is going to be related to the comment made by a famous author against an American model. Dear readers, have you heard about the Yumi Nu Jordan Peterson controversy? As per sources, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Yumi Nu, was not liked by some people, which disappointed netizens. 

The news spread among the citizens of countries like Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom when Jordan, a famous author, left Twitter after receiving harsh criticism.  

Who is Yumi Nu?

She is a plus-size model who began modelling in 2010 and song writing at the age of 12, born in Englewood on September 23, 1996. She is the niece of famous American DJ Steve Aoki and the granddaughter of famous Japanese restaurant owner Rocky Aoki. 

Yumi Nu Measurements

The Japanese and Dutch descent model is 5 ft. and 11 inches tall, her figure is 38:37:50 inches, as per media reports. However, the information about her real weight is not available. But, it is around 84 to 95 Kg. 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Controversy –

On May 16, 2022, Jordan Peterson, Best Selling author for the Book 12 Rules for Life, tweeted a picture of Ms. Nu on the cover page of Sports Swimsuit Edition with some negative comments. It wasn’t expected that Jordan would start the Yumi Nu Jordan Peterson controversy. 

Moreover, he didn’t stop here and further added that no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that. That was considered highly disrespectful. On one side people talk about being real, while on the other hand, they criticise women for being real and natural. 

This made the Internet angry, people started criticising him, which made him upset and he announced to leave Twitter for an unspecified period. The people are in shock because this Tweet came from a person who is also a clinical Psychologist. He has 10 lakh followers on his Youtube channel. Dr. Jordan has both fame and wisdom, yet he made such a negative comment. 

However, it is not known whether he has left Twitter or not. But, he explained the problem with the platform in his blog post after the Yumi Nu Jordan Peterson controversy came into the limelight. Please note all details are based on online data, we are not blaming or criticizing any personality.


Q.1 What is the hair colour of Yumi Nu?

A.1 The colour of her hair is Brown. 

Q.2 Who is the mother of Yami Nu?

A.2 Kana Grace Nootenboom is her mother. She moved from New Jersey to Maryland with her family. 

The Final Verdict – 

The controversy is nothing but shows a negative attitude of an influential writer towards a beautiful model. For more information, please, visit the following link on Yumi Nu Jordan Peterson

Do you support the model? Please, share your views with us. 

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