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The following research on the Zambian Meat Website will guide you on the legitimacy of the site and the brutal case linked to it.

Are you aware of Cannibalism? One such brutal case of history has been recorded, and people have started their discussion on it Worldwide. Zambian Meat site is the main forum that made the people involved in such cases. 

This article on the Zambian Meat Website will tell you about this website and what Cannibalism is? People commit crimes, and they even know the result, but their minds are getting distracted by such activities.

What is a Zambian Meat Site?

Zambian Website is an online platform where people with a similar sadomasochist approach share their intimate fantasies about each other. This is the platform where people are linked together through chats and texts and discuss their cannibalism approach. This appears to involve the thinking of murdering and eating another living being of the same species. One such brutal case has been reported in Germany, which has left the people numb.

Case on Zambian Meat Wiki Page

A brutal case has been reported. The Police team of Dresden, Germany, investigated a case where Detlev G, a 55-year-old police officer was found guilty of butchering another man of 59 years. They met through the Zambian Meat site and exchanged their fantasies. They were in a relationship, and on November 4, they met at a railway station. After that, they went to the suspect’s guesthouse, located in the Ore Mountains. 

However, the suspect had accepted his crime in the investigation, and he buried his body parts in the garden. We are not fully confirmed for this case, and the data was collected from an online source.

The legitimacy of Zambian Meat Website

As per our reports, we found the following legitimacy details on the this Website.

  • Website URL:
  • Domain creation: November 28, 2005, is the creation date of this site. 
  • Reviews: There are no reviews by anyone found on any online platform.
  • Active status: It has been found that the site has been inactive for a long time. However, it was registered seventeen years ago, but now it has been inactive. 
  • Registrar: Zambian’s Registrar is, LLC.

We have shared the information based on the online information since at the time of writing this article, website is not accessible.

Now you got all the information on the What Is Zambianmeat Website

Is the culprit arrested?

Our research found that the police force arrested the suspect, and he accepted the crime committed by him. The police found no records on whether the culprit has eaten the body parts of the Hanover’s man. But he confessed his crime and said such things inspired him since childhood.


Wrapping up this content, we found that the website is currently not working and is in inactive status. And the case related to it was out of imagination as people had goosebumps and thought how anyone could do this. We oppose the working of the Zambian Meat Website. To know more details on Cannibalism, please check this page.  

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