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Do you know Alec John Such? Are you a fan of this former guitarist? If you are a fan of Alec John, you might have heard the bad news. Alec John passed away at the age of seventy. People from various countries, including the United States, are curious to know more details about guitarists. He was a part of the Bon Jovi band. 

So here we will discuss Bon Jovi Alec John Such Wiki.

Who is Bon Jovi?

Bon Jovi was a retired musician from America. He took birth on 14 November 1951. His death was announced by the band “Bon Jovi” on 5 June 2022, Sunday. The reason behind his death is not known yet. Alec John joined the band in 1983 and was dismissed from the band in 1994. 

After the band announced the news of his sudden death on social media on Sunday, the world was shocked. Alec John was replaced by Hugh McDonald unofficially. After leaving Bon Jovi, Alec John Such has managed various New Jersey bands.

Alec John Such Wife

As per online sources, Alec was not married. He was in a relationship but never got engaged or married. He has long relationships, upto one year or more. As per our research, Rita Rae Roxx was their first official girlfriend of John’s. Their relationship lasted for one year, but the couple got separated later for some personal reasons.

Alec John was in a relationship in 1989 with Brooke. The couple was together for almost one year, but their relationship didn’t last. They broke up after a year of their relationship. There is no information regarding his marriage. As per the sources, Alec was unmarried. 

Why Did Alec John Such Leave Bon Jovi

Alec John was a part of Bon Jovi, the popular rock band. The band was established in 1983. Alec joined the band in the same year and left the band in 1994. As per some sources, John was fired from the band. He was replaced by Hugh McDonald. In addition, his poor record while the crossroad session led to his dismissal. Please note that we have collected data from online sources, we are not claiming any personality.

The other sources state that in 2000, Alec said in an interview that when he was forty-three, he started getting burned out. As per Bon Jovi Alec John Such Wiki, he added that it felt like work, but he did not want to work. So he joined the band as he did not want to work.


The article gives you details on the popular guitarist Alec John Such. Unfortunately, he passed at the age of 70. His cause of death is not known yet. We will inform you as soon as the reason is released. The news was released by the band on Twitter on Sunday. You can visit this link to know more about Alec John Such.

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