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CISM is a business approach to managing information risks, as well as addressing concepts such as design, management and technical security. This is a book for managers who must oversee, design, manage, and assess the information security of an enterprise from a big picture perspective. Those at management levels of IT who are interested in developing their management skills should consider this course.

What’s Its Real Deal? 

  • What Is Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)?

This advanced certification verifies that someone has the knowledge and experience necessary for developing and managing an enterprise information security program (InfoSec). ISACA, a nonprofit, independent association, offers CISM, a certification designed for individuals working in information security, assurance, risk management, and governance. IT consultants involved with InfoSec programs should be CISM certified. The CISM certification is accredited by ANSI. CISM credentials resulted in 42% salary increases for professionals in managerial positions. Information security practices were improved, and enterprise and business systems were secure in 90% of cases. 

  • How to Become A CISM? 

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) candidates should have experience in at least three areas of information security management before they sit for the certification exam. An individual needs a passing score of 450 on the 150-question CISM exam in order to be certified; a score of 200-800 indicates that a minimal standard of knowledge set by the ISACA Certification Committee has been met by the individual. 

  • CISM Prerequisites

As a requirement for eligibility for the exam, candidates must possess five years of confirmed InfoSec experience in at least three areas of CISM content. If you passed the exam within five years of the application date, your experience must be within 10 years of the application date. All year long, PSI offers computer-based testing (CBT) sessions so candidates can take the CISM exam. ISACA requires that candidates register online for the exam. The procedure for scheduling an exam will be sent to them via email.

  • What Is The Validity Of The Certification?

A student can retake the exam three times within a year in case they do not pass the first time. CISM certification expires once 3 years from date of issue, after that the certification holder ought to renew the CISM certification.

  • Maintaining CISM Certification

To keep up with CISM certification, people should support a sufficient degree of information systems security management and complete twenty proceeding with professional education (CPE) hours every year and one hundred and twenty proceeding with proficient education for every three years following ISACA’s Code of Professional Ethics.


Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)® is a generally remembered IT Security certificate for experts across industry areas worldwide. The CISM certification course is created by ISACA and is great for anyone hoping to seek after their profession in the IT Security and Governance area. This 5-day Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) confirmation course approves your insight and ability to risk the executives, data security, occurrences of the board, and that’s just the beginning.

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