Debra Jeter Obituary {Oct 2022} How Did She Die?

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This article will give you information about Debra Jeter Obituary and the reason behind her death.

Who was Debra Jeter? How did she die? People of the United States are looking at the reasons behind her death and searching about it on the internet. What can be the cause of death? This article will give you information about Debra Jeter Obituary and the logic behind her death. Read further to know more.

Obituary of Debra Jeter

People are surprised to see the whole incident of Debra Jeter in the Netflix movie 2022. They are widely searching for the reason behind her death. Her obituary date is not mentioned. According to court papers, she tried to kill herself in front of her two daughters, for which she was shifted to the mental hospital; after moving from the hospital, Debra deserted to a residence away interstate 77 very soon than lane 35 in Milford. As per the incident, she stabbed her daughter Kiersten while trying to save her sibling by fighting with her mother. 

Debra Jeter Hillsboro Texas

Debra Jeter has been behind the prison walls since June 5, 2009. Debra, who pleaded guilty on Tuesday at Hillsboro to judicial murder and as she attempted a murder, left one of her daughters dead and another survived. She was shifted to the department of Texas of the Prison Unit of Criminal Justice in Gatesville after being announced to prison for life without release on a request that relieved her chances of a death sentence. Before being shifted, she met with her distant spouse, Lee and Kiersten, her daughter. Her husband stated that she tried to harm her daughter because she was broken by the separation from her husband and children.

Why Debra Jeter Obituary is trending?

The information about the death of Debra Jeter is unknown, though there are no released facts about her death. People are trying to get the actual update. People are shocked to find the exact reason for her domestic violence. They are amazed at why she attacked her daughters. Debra can be perceived in the 911 dispatched tape begging the ambulance driver to speed up his driving and reach Hill county, where she shot her daughter in an abandoned place. 

Though her obituary has not been announced, people are looking for her current status on social media and the Debra Jeter Obituary was widely surfed by them.


Summing up the post, Debra was a murderer. Her obituary is still not mentioned. According to the court papers, on May 22, she was admitted to the mental hospital for trying to kill herself. After being released from the hospital, She killed one daughter and injured another by taking them far away to an abandoned home. Debra explained her domestic violence as she was not happy to be separated from her husband. If you want to know more, please click the given link below

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