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The guide shares details about the death hoax and helps readers know Did Maluma Die or is alive.   

Are you a fan of Columbian songwriter and singer Maluma? Do you want to know if the death hoax is authentic or fake? People spread fake news and death hoaxes on social media about the singer. 

All his fans in the United States are worried and wondering if the news is trustworthy or a hoax. After evaluating, we found some facts about the singer and the prank shared below. If you want to get an update on the singer’s life, continue reading and know Did Maluma Die or alive!   

Is Maluma Alive or Dead?

Maluma is a Colombian singer with a huge fan following in the United States. Recently, a prank has been circulating online on social media confirming that the singer is dead. The news started circulating like wildfire, and many believed the death hoax.

The singer’s name is used to do the prank. But on 28th Aug 2022, an official statement confirmed that Maluma is not dead. The singer is alive and leading a healthy lifestyle in 2022. It is still unclear who started the death hoax online and how it got attention on social media.

Who is Maluma – Is Maluma Dead?

Maluma or Juan Luis Londono Arias is Colombia’s singer, actor and songwriter. He is known as Maluma and was born on 28th Jan 1994 in Medellin. The singer became interested in singing very young and started recording songs at 16.

He released many popular albums and also featured in songs. Recently, the singer has been in the news for a death hoax spreading online like wildfire. Some miscreants shared fake news online confirming that the singer is dead. Soon after the news started spreading on social media, many fans were looking for updates to know Is Maluma Dead or alive.

After evaluating, we found that the singer is alive and not dead. Some troublemakers spread the death hoax online to bother all his fans and relatives. But, on 28th August, an official statement by the singer’s representatives confirmed that Maluma is not dead and he is alive. The statement also urged people to avoid such hoaxes and stop believing what is shared on the internet about the singer. 

Who Shared the Death Hoax?

It is not clear how is spreading the death hoax. People who saw the news online started believing that the singer had died and was not alive. But, an official statement was released on Sunday to answer Did Maluma Die

The statement confirmed that the singer was not dead and urged people to stop believing the death hoax and rumors shared online by unknown miscreants. It is unclear who shared the rumors, creating confusion amongst the fans. 


A rumor or death hoax is circulating online about a Colombian songwriter and singer, Maluma. Many people started believing that the singer had passed away very young, while others are still wondering and want to know Did Maluma Die. The singer is not dead, and he is alive. It was a hoax shared by some troublemaker to create confusion. Fans and friends must ignore those rumors spreading online. 

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