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The article Discord Beta Scam provides explicit details about the ongoing scams along with the simple steps to prevent them.

Do you know about the origins of scams? Are you aware that the scam may come through a normal text message? Sometimes, the scams will be disguised as software updates in the form of normal text messaging apps. 

Discord is an emerging popular instant messaging app whose roots are based in the United States. But recently, people have witnessed many scams and hacked their accounts. So, in this article, we will look at one such Discord Beta Scam.

The Scam

Discord is an instant social messaging app where people can chat through text, audio, or video. Discord periodically updates its versions like alpha, beta, etc. Each version will have some upgraded features. So in the Discord beta version, a “profile customization” feature has been upgraded. In that feature, people can customize the profile, gets a beta tag. 

But the beta tag got hyped, so people started to look for shortcuts, so the hackers made use of the opportunity by circulating hacking codes and asking people to download them in order to get a beta tag. This was the focal point of the beta scams.

Discord Beta Scam.

 The scammers provides obfuscated codes, which means that the hackers make the codes extremely hard to understand so that people will simply download the file on their consoles to get updated. But those fabricated codes are literally programmed to hack the accounts, but people cannot see them.

Those scam codes will be web hooked to the hackers’ website, where they will steal the personal data, and money and hack the person’s profile. Since May 2021, this scam has been going on. But surprisingly, the Discord messaging platform didn’t take any serious actions against the hackers.

Hack codes 

Many Discord Beta Scam are trending on the internet. In this way, many scams can be prevented because it gets limelight focus on the issue. The main culprit of these scams is the obfuscated codes. They start their scam work when the codes get downloaded and run on the consoles. If we de-obfuscated the codes, the hackers literally used terms like “login”, “username”, “token”, etc.

It is so vivid that they want to steal personal information. The scammers even send some random messages to steal the users’ money. Similarly, token scams and nitro scams are also in circulation.

How to prevent it

The following steps can prevent Discord Beta Scam 

  • If you are witnessing any suspicious active community which promotes fake customization or beta tags, kindly report them to Discord team. They may take actions to remove those community groups.
  • If you have downloaded fabricated obfuscated codes, changing your login and password details is mandatory.


Many scams are associated with the Discord messaging app, such as illicit takeaway gifts, sharing malicious links, crypto-asset scams, circulating fake non-fungible tokens, nitro scams, and phoney collaboration. It doesn’t mean Discord is not a safe app, but people must be more cautious about these Discord Beta Scam and many other scams because the internet is as deep as a Marina Trench. So people have to be more responsible. For more discord help and support.

Do you find this article an eye-opener? Share with us your views on online scams in the comment section.

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