Ekta Coin How To Buy {Feb 2022} Worth Or Waste Of Money

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Read this article to explore the steps for Ekta Coin How To Buy, revealing if it is worth the investment or not.

Are you looking out to invest in cryptocurrencies? Are you looking out for the updates of the token? Do you also search out the recent token launch for your portfolio?

If you are also a crypto fan and looking out for the best tokens, then this article will introduce you to a new similar launch. Ekta Coin is based in India, and people are looking out for the same facts.

Read this article to know the details for Ekta Coin How To Buyrevealing if it is worth the investment or not.

Details about Ekta Coin:

Ekta is a new crypto token aimed at establishing the links between digital and physical spheres. This token will also allow the new businesses to participate in the same, tokenizing the assets of the real world.

Traders for this token are also given an option to trade the same, replacing it with other NFT in the metaverse. This Ekta is a Sanskrit term derived by the team for this project.

Before we dig into the details for How To Buy Ekta Token In Indiawe would like to inform our readers of all its related aspects for better clarity.

Who is the Founder of this Token?

The founder details play a major role in establishing its authenticity. Berwin Tanco is the name behind this token’s founder details.

Pricing Details of the Token:

As we have fetched from the provided links, the current price for this token is fetched around $0.4270.

We also advise our readers to check out the price before investing in it as the same tends to fluctuate at a very rapid rate.

How To Buy Ekta Token In India:

The official Ekta portal is launched via Sushi Swap to purchase these tokens. There are a few below-mentioned steps that will help you easily own the same without any difficulties-

  • Install the MetaMask application on your device.
  • Go to the assets tab and import your Ekta V2 token on your wallet by entering the contract address.
  • Next, you need to add the Tether Coins to the MetaMask wallet, exchanging the same later for Ekta V2.
  • Go to the official Ekta Website and click on the purchase tab.

The next and final step is to select the total number of USTD that you wish to swap for the token, helping with the answers for Ekta Coin. 

Ekta Coin How To Buy: Market Supply

After exploring the purchase steps of the token, let’s get the market details of this coin to know more about the same. 

The current total supply for the token is 220,500,000 EKTA, with 12,097,924.00 EKTA being the circulating supply and 420,000,000 EKTA being the marketing supply. 

5813 is the market cap rank for the coin.


Is the project also present on social media platforms?

 Yes, investors can find all the recent updates for this token from Twitter, Medium and Telegram handle.

Is this token also related to any game?

 There are no games linked with this coin for now.

Final Verdict:

All the steps for Ekta Coin How To Buy have been revealed in this article, concluding that the same can be traded from Sushi Swap.

Explore the details for Cryptocurrency to have better clarity before investing.

Have you purchased Ekta Coin yet? Comment your views below.

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