What Eliza Fletcher Kidnapping Video Reports: Which Body Found in Memphis TN? Who Abducted Teacher?

Latest News Eliza Fletcher Kidnapping Video

Read extensive details about Eliza Fletcher Kidnapping Video footage discovered by the police department leading to the arrest of Abston.

Did you know that @MEM_PoliceDept tweeted that a dead body was found at 1600 blocks of Victor at 17:07 on Monday, 5th-September-2022? The news about the dead body spread rapidly in the United States and Canada

Would you like to know about Eliza’s kidnapping incident? Would you like to know about the person who was arrested? Let’s check more information about the dead body found and about Eliza Fletcher Kidnapping Video.

Abduction of Eliza Fletcher:

Eliza is a mother of two children and a junior kindergarten teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School. On Friday, 2nd-September-2022, Eliza was on her jogging routine at approximately 4:00 AM. However, she did not return home. Eliza’s husband called the police department and reported her missing.

Eliza is the granddaughter of the hardware giant Orgill. Eliza was jogging in the neighborhood and near the UoM. Eliza is fair in colour, 5 feet and 6 inches tall, has green eyes and brown hair and weighs 137 pounds. On Friday morning, Eliza was wearing purple running shorts and a pink jogging top.

About Video footage of Teacher Abducted:

The police found footage showing that a GMC Terrain SUV in black colour passed by Eliza and stopped in near proximity. The driver got out of the SUV and forced Eliza into the passenger seat. The SUV remained on the spot for a few minutes.

Further investigation showed that Abston’s employer confirmed that the SUV belonged to a family member of Abston. The data of Abston’s mobile showed that he was present around the kidnapping location on Friday morning. His brother Mario Abston informed police that Cleotha had visited his house on Friday, washed his clothes in the sink, cleaned the interior of the SUV, and behaved strangely.

Based on Eliza Fletcher Kidnapping Video footage, the police found the sandals of Cleotha Abston, who had served imprisonment for two decades from November-2001 until November 2021. Abston is a local resident. The sandals had the DNA of Abston. Further, the police found footage of Abston wearing the sandals a day before.

Trending News:

The tweet about a dead body found by a police marshal made trending news firstly because the Fletcher family is offering $50K via CrimeStoppers to the person providing information about the kidnapper, which should lead to his arrest. 

Secondly, Abston was not charged for murder related to Body Found in Memphis TN or Eliza’s kidnapping, though police had arrested him. Instead, Abston was charged for a property theft incident.


Cleotha Abston did not provide any information about Eliza. The police department did not clarify the dead body’s identity or gender. Abston was charged for Wisley and CashApp card theft reported by a woman on Thursday, 1st-September-2022. Hence, it is unclear if the dead body is of Eliza and if Abston is related to kidnapping and killing incidents as no such charges were levied on him.

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