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This post on Evri Scam Message will guide you on the ongoing scam in the US and other parts. Read this post to know what this scam is all about.

Have you received any delivery messages from Evri? Are you also having concerns on these messages? If yes, please do not respond to that message and ignore it. It is a new scamming technique in the United States, and people have been scammed through Evri Scam Message. This post will inform you about what this message is all about. So, if you haven’t received this message, you are lucky, but be careful as maybe the next could be you.

Kindly read this post to learn about this scam.

Why is this Scam trending?

The famous delivery company, Evri, has been dragged into a scam case. But are they actually behind this scam? They have claimed that they are not doing any scams. In reality, some fraud people are sending such delivery messages and a link for payment in their name and scamming the people all around.

About Evri My Delivery Scam

The delivery scam message says that your parcel has been shipped, and you pay the required amount by visiting the Evri Delivery link. Many visitors have paid the charges, but there was no message from the official website. Some scam websites are behind this fraud. They ask you to fill in the personal details and pay the delivery amount. Last year, this company was defamed as people shared their reviews and said that it is a scam website. 

They have allegations that this company is misbehaving with their customers. If you receive any message like this, please ignore it and report it immediately. Evri Scam Message has ruined the trust of many people on this trusted website. But, the reality is different.

About Evri Company 

This is a well-known site for delivering parcels in many parts of the selected region. Many customers have shared their ideas on the authenticity of this website. They have shared their experiences with them. This company was earlier known as Hermes, but due to allegations of poor customer service, this company has changed its name from Hermes to Evri. The users have claimed that this company is not delivering the parcels appropriately and the orders are mishandled. 

Evri Scam Message has cost a lot to this company, and they are paying for it unnecessarily as they are not behind this scam. Some scammers are behind all this. We hope that they will get trapped soon. Please check this link to know more about Evri Company.


Summing up this post, we have shared all the relevant and authentic details on this website. This website seems authentic, but some scammers have ruined its identity. We hope that the company will take strict actions against them and they will be handcuffed soon. 

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