Text Message Your Bill Is Paid For March {April} Alert!

Latest News Text Message Your Bill Is Paid For March

This research will inform the readers about the Text Message Your Bill Is Paid For March scam in the US.

Are you a Verizon User? Are you receiving any messages from your number? Stay alert. It is a new scam in the United States. Many Verizon users receive a Text Message Your Bill Is Paid For March and a link with this message. 

Do you want to learn more about this scam? Kindly go through this post as it will scrutinize all the details about this scam.

Why is this scam in the discussion?

Many Verizon users are reporting a phishing scam in the US. The link has fooled the users with a ‘Your Bill Is Paid’ text message. The hackers were becoming smarter and carried out a new way to spoof the Verizon accounts of the users. Every second person in the US was talking about this scam and shared their thoughts. Further, we will inform you about this scam.

About Your Bill Is Paid For March Text Message Scam

It is a new technique by the Hackers or Scammers to scam people through their mobile numbers. Hackers are tapping and hacking the user’s Verizon accounts and sending them a link and text messages. The text message says that Your Bill Is Paid for March, and the link claims to have a gift if you open it. But, be aware of such scam messages. Many users have come forward and complained about that.

These messages thank the users for paying the bills. When the users receive this message, they get confused about the bill and click on the links. 

Users’ opinions on Text Message Your Bill Is Paid For March Scam

After scrutinizing, we have seen many users take this matter to the discussion forum. They have shared their thoughts on many social channels where this matter was spotlighted. Many users reported it as a scam as they continuously received these messages to get a gift. 

On the other hand, some users shared entirely different experiences. They have said that they had been redirected to the Russian website. People are tensed and frustrated with this scam as many of them are scammed through this message. They are requesting the owners of Verizon to look into the matter of the Text Message Your Bill Is Paid For March scam. 

What is Verizon saying?

Verizon Spokesperson has confirmed that they are aware of this phishing scam. The company knows that some hackers are targeting their users. However, they have claimed that they are actively trying to collaborate with Law enforcement in the US to block such spam messages.


We conclude that this post will guide you on the scam faced by millions of Verizon users. It is a well-known telecom company. The users must be aware of this scam and stay alert. Please visit this link to learn about Verizon telecom.

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