Ghost Of Kyiv Dead Confirmed {Mar} Is It Official Report

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Read this article to know the reality of the Ghost of Kyiv. Read this article until the end to know if Ghost of Kyiv Dead Confirmed.

Would you like to know if the Ghost of Kyiv is dead or alive? What was the significant achievement made by the Ghost of Kyiv that made him famous in Australia, Canada, the United States, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom?

What is the official confirmation made by the Ukraine defence department? We bring you an exclusive details of trending news. Let us check if Ghost of Kyiv Dead Confirmed.

Fundamental about Ghost of Kyiv:

Please note that the Ghost of Kyiv is a virtual character that the Ukrainian citizens may have promoted to appreciate the capabilities of their air force. This fact is supported by the analyses of videos of Ghost of Kyiv shooting down Russian fighter jets in DIGITAL COMBAT SIMULATOR WORLD (DCS). 

DCS is a popular video game stimulus of fighter planes where the player can choose the defending country and the enemy country fighter jets. The DCS is an HD game and looks like a real air-to-air fight between the Ukrainian air force and Russian fighter jets.

The Ghost of Kyiv Dead:

The video of DCS was initially shared on social media by three users between 24th and 27th of February. One of them was the former president of Ukraine – Petro Poroshenko, followed by a defence minister sharing the same DCS video. The video got global attention when a Twitter user – Oleg, posted the same video viewed by many users.

The social media users believed the video footage to be accurate as it was posted by the former president and defence minister of Ukraine. In addition, the video was edited with an image of a real fighter pilot and real Ukrainian jets surveillance, making users believe that the unidentified pilot is the real Ghost of Kyiv Dead Confirmed

Following the video footage, some of the defence department officials expressed their interest in meeting the pilot, which made the hoax a real-life event. The DCS video footage was named on social media as ‘the Ghost of Kyiv’, so it became popular, making social media users curious about the death of the Ghost of Kyiv.

The reality:

The official statement released by the Ukraine defence department is that there were only two Russian fighter jets that were shot in an air-to-air dogfight, and the Ukraine air deference system shot the remaining Russian jets. The defence department could not identify Ghost of Kyiv Dead Confirmed or facts about his existence as none of the pilots claimed shooting down six Russian jets.


The identity of the Ghost of Kyiv is unknown. The video footage of Ghost of Kyiv is from a DCS game stimulation showing MiG29 shooting down SU25, SU27 and SU35 Russian jets. There is no official confirmation on  existence and death of Ghost of Kyiv. It is assumed that the Ghost of Kyiv does not exist.

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