Hipkate Legit {May 2022} Detailed Website Review Here!

Hipkate Online Website Reviews

If you’re searching for a trendy clothes site, we recommend reading this blog as it points you to check whether Hipkate Legit. Scroll down to the bottom.

Do you want to shop for both fashionable and feasible at a decent value?  We have a really useful site in such instances and can offer you all the necessary materials at a very low cost. However, it is essential to investigate all platforms before purchasing.

We’ve come to investigate such a site hipkate, as people of the United States desire the same. The web is a fantastic location, brimming with fashionable clothing from head to bottom. However, further investigation is required to determine Hipkate Legit or not.

Is Hipkate.com a Scam?

We must first investigate it before deciding whether it is a viable forum. To conclude buying from there, a thorough comprehension is essential.

  • Domain Age: The domain was first created on August 17, 2021. The webpage will expire on August 17, 2025.
  • Trust Score – The Trust Rating is merely 8%, which is far from ideal.
  • Alexa Ranking – Since the website is new, it has received no traffic and a poor Alexa score.
  • Validity of Address– Their contact location is not genuine on the official portal.
  • Customer Reviews– There are currently no hipkate reviews listed on Hipakte.com and social media.
  • The integrity of Information– The text in the About Us section is plagiarised.
  • Discounts- They give deals on their items, and also, a mother’s day sale is going on for the buyers.
  • Social Media Availability – No active social accounts were discovered on any platform.

When we looked into the webpage, we noticed that it is a site where women can get fashionable clothing at a reasonable rate. But on the other hand, we looked at certain indicators that this website seems suspicious since no reviews exist with the new domain age. Let’s know Is Hipkate Legit or not.

What is Hipkate.com?

Hipkate.com is a web platform that sells all types of women’s clothing, from current designs, at a low price to people in the United States. Furthermore, the service is good. Apart from that, the site of the webpage displays solid-color outfits and multicolored tops. Cotton dresses, casual wear, and various other styles are also accessible.

As a result, it is time to capture all price reductions, but first, we must investigate it and determine whether or not this is a fair purchase to purchase from there. Let us now move on to check Is Hipkate Legit or not.

Specifications of Hipkate.com:

We’ll look at the criteria that will assist us in determining the validity of this website. Please review this because this step is essential.

  • Domain Creation Date – August 17, 2021
  • Product offerings – Women’s clothing
  • Portal URL – https://www.hipkate.com/
  • Email Account – service@ HIPKATE .com
  • Address – 212 Horton Road, Datchet, Slough, England, SL3 9HL 
  • Contact Number – 11934935
  • Payment Options – VISA, Paypal, and many more
  • Return Guidelines – Present
  • Refund Guidelines – Mentioned

Hipkate is an encryption HTTP webpage. Sadly, the site has a low position on multiple platforms. The main important features of this website have previously been discussed.

Pros to Clarify Is Hipkate Legit

  • The HTTPS procedure provides that the website is completely secure.
  • It collects money via the internet.
  • There is no requirement to travel to a traditional market.
  • All of the items are reasonably priced.
  • The site offers a five to ten percent discount.
  • The platform’s Portal and URL are the same.

Cons of purchasing from Hipkate.com:

  • There is no customer feedback accessible for this item.
  • The site has only been up for eight months.
  • The website does not include any social media sites.
  • The site’s Trust Index is 8% percent.
  • There has been no indication of who owns them.

About hipkate reviews

Customer feedback is the most important factor in determining the validity of a website. They provide a wealth of information about a website. So, regarding the hipkate website, we discovered that testimonials are currently unavailable. 

There are still no evaluations on any legitimate website; there are no testimonials on their specific website. This website offers to offer high-quality, stylish items through a delightful approach. As a result, assessing it is difficult. Also, do analyse the methods to get your refund via PayPal.


So, after obtaining information about this portal, we determined that it is a newly launched clothing brand. The most important point is that there is no client response. Is Hipkate Legit? As a result, we can conclude that this website appears untrustworthy. Read how to get a refund through a credit card.

Have you made any purchases from this website? Then leave a remark. 

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