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Do you have trash cans in your raft? Have you tried the full version of the game? Raft is a popular game that anyone can play. On June 20, 2022, the full version of the game was released. People from different countries, like the United States, are curious to collect the latest items in the latest version. Many people are excited about the Trash Cube.

So let’s know How to Get Trash Cubes Raft

How to collect trash cans?

The raft is an exciting game where players will find different items. Trash may be the most sought-after item by the players. Trash Cubes are one of the exciting new items in the new version of the raft. You can use them to upgrade your raft. Trash Cubes can be used for trading various items from the vendors on the island all over the world.

You can get trash cubes under the ocean. Players must dive into the ocean to collect trash cubes and find the trash can. Players must be careful of the sharks that may harm and kill them.

Raft Wiki

Raft is a world-open survival game that features a raft. The game starts in the middle of the ocean. The players need to do various activities within the raft itself. Various items in the game can be purchased by vendors or collected by finding them on your own. Players can jump out of the raft to fetch the items.

The most important thing to remember is that sharks are all around your raft. You need to be careful while finding the items. The players had named the shark “Bruce.” Players can use the crafting system to collect and find new items. This will expand and improve the craft.

Raft Utopia

It is a location in the game. As per the online sources, Utopia is currently inaccessible in the normal game. The location is hinted at in the lore of the raft. Raft is an exciting game with various items that can help you while rafting. Within the gaming process, the raft increases its size. You can collect different items to improve your raft.

The players need to adjust to necessities and needs in the game. For example: to manage thirst and hunger, the players need to grow their food and purify the water to drink. As per How to Get Trash Cubes Raft, the raft will go through various islands where you can explore to find different items.


The article gives full details on the latest version of the raft game. You will learn to collect the trash cube, about the different features of the game, and much more. Raft is a popular game that a single player or multiple players can play. Many items in the game can be collected to improve the raft. If you want to learn about raft games, go to this link.

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