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This article describes a free distribution of non-fungible tokens to the shareholders of a popular theater chain company. Read about I Own Amc Nft Value.

Are you interested to know about the distribution of free non-fungible tokens to the investors of an NYSE-listed company? If yes, please keep reading this article to know more relevant information on this topic.

Investors Worldwide are excited by the official distribution of tokens for being a company shareholder. The shareholders are eagerly checking for the eligibility criteria.

The rising popularity of crypto and blockchain technology related assets adds more value to the token distribution. Read more about I Own Amc Nft Value.

About AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters is an American-based film theater chain founded by Barney Durwood, Maurice Durwood, and Edward Durwood in 1920. As per the official data, the company has an operating revenue of $1.2424 billion.

Adam Aron is AMC theater’s current chairman, president, and CEO. The company has more than thirty-five thousand screens and 4408 theaters worldwide. The company has more than six hundred theaters in the US alone.

The company became the world’s largest film theater chain after acquiring Carmike Cinemas, UCI Cinemas, and Odeon Cinemas in 2016.

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More on AMC NFT

  • A small royalty is given to the AMC during each NFT transaction. 
  • All the official information related to the NFT distribution by AMC is published by Adam Aron using his official Twitter account.
  • The investors who enrolled as AMC theater’s shareholders before 31st December 2021 are eligible for receiving the free NFTs.
  • The eligible investors are provided with equivalent NFTs and a free WAX wallet account.

I Own Amc Nft Value

  • Adam Aron, CEO of AMC theaters, tweeted on 20th January 2022 about the distribution of NFTs to investors.
  • The Tweet described that all the eligible investors are provided with unique codes from the company’s official mail.
  • A total of one lakh NFTs are distributed among various shareholders. Out of the distributed NFTs, two hundred of those NFTs were resold.
  • The investor can claim their free NFTs before 31st January 2022.
  • The NFT owners have the privilege to sell their NFTs. 

How to Redeem the NFTs

  • Use the WAX wallet account creation link to create an account. The wallet services are free for the first year.
  • Submit basic information and log in using the user credentials. Read about I Own Amc Nft Value.
  • After successful login, copy the unique code from the email received.
  • Paste the unique code on the wallet address section.
  • After completing all the processes mentioned above, the user’s wallet gets credited with equivalent NFTs. The user can use various NFT marketplace to sell the available NFTs for a reasonable market price.


NFTs are the most trending topic in social media platforms these days, and many companies have used this opportunity to reward their employees and investors in the form of NFTs. To know more about this topic, please visit.

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