Ibzstore Reviews {April 2022} Check If It Is Legit?

Ibzstore Online Website Reviews

This post served as the basis for a thorough examination of the Ibzstore Reviews. When purchasing, kindly double-check the legality of this website. Read on.

Are you browsing for the authentic portal to purchase some Hygenic goods? If so, you must check out Ibzstore.com, and this store deals with socks, T-shirts and many health-related goods. 

Worldwide, folks are looking for this portal legitimacy. We’ll talk about this online store, including all the things it sells and the value of its clothing, the site’s overall desirability and Ibzstore Reviews. For further information on the site, see the blog beneath to help you get started with the shopping.

What is Ibzstore.com?

Ibzstore is a web-based purchasing website dedicated to hygiene products like masks, t-shirts, shocks, etc. This website has a large number of products. Their clothing has a unique and distinct design, and the durability of their products is exceptional. 

They’re even making various offers on their products. You can also purchase the things in combination with a fantastic deal. Because it is a new platform, it isn’t easy to find information on it. However, some individuals wonder Is Ibzstore Legit or not. People doubt its validity because it is an internet web platform.

Specifications of Ibzstore.com:

We must first comprehend the site specifications before delving into the facts that will help us determine whether or not it is legitimate. Because it is a new platform, it isn’t easy to find information on it.

  • Domain Creation Date – 19th April 2022
  • Portal URL https://www.ibzstore.com/
  • Email Account – [email protected]
  • Mobile Number – Absent
  • Company Location – 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England
  • Return Guidelines – Absent
  • Refund Policy – Not Mentioned
  • Delivery Guidelines – Present 

Before moving to Ibzstore Reviews, check the pros and cons of the Ibzstore.com site are detailed in the preceding section.

Pros of buying from Ibzstore.com:

  • This website offers a user-friendly payment method for reclaiming your funds.
  • The site contains contact information and an email account.

Cons of buying from Ibzstore.com:

  • The website has acquired no traction.
  • There are no evaluations available on any of the reputable web review sites.
  • No one has yet verified the product’s delivery status.
  • There is no way to link to social networking sites.
  • The website does not mention the product’s refund policy once placed.

We advise you to think before order placement and research the portal validity.

Is Ibzstore Legit?

While internet sites have made purchasing more affordable, they have also increased many options for customers to be duped. It is wise to inquire about a site’s authenticity before engaging. So, we’ve compiled some pointers you should think about before proceeding with this new portal.

  • Domain Age – The website Ibzstore.com was created on 19th April 2022, implying that the portal is only eight days old.
  • Trust Index – The portal has a trust score of 1%, which is a very poor value for any credible site.
  • Users Experience – There seem to be no Ibzstore Reviews anywhere on the internet.
  • Alexa Ranking – The website has a poor Alexa ranking because of its recent creation date.
  • Company Address – The official address of Ibzstore.com is present on the site.
  • Social Media Availability – There are no social media platforms linked to the official portal of Ibzstore.com.
  • Policy Guidelines – There seem to be no rules stated on the portal other than the delivery policy.
  • Irrational Detail – There are numerous discounts on the portal with combo offers. 

The site is regarded as suspicious. When you go shopping, make some inquiries and thoroughly examine all the characteristics.

Ibzstore Reviews

We looked for feedback when assembling the data so that users could better understand the website. Unfortunately, neither the website nor an internet search yielded any results. 

We searched the internet for reviews from previous users Worldwide. Still, we had no luck this time because we couldn’t locate a specific point from an experienced user, so await evaluations before commencing your purchasing. The absence of client feedback may be due to the company’s recent site release. It’s only been five days since launched. Also, Analyze how to Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed.

Final Verdict

The web portal offering Hygenic goods is relatively new in the marketplace, and it lacks public trust. This website Ibzstore has a low trust value and no Ibzstore Reviews from customers who have received orders and no online accounts. This website is most likely a scam. Kindly check How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam.

Have you purchased any goods from Ibzstore.com? Then post down.

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