Is Ampusp Legit {May 2022} Detailed Website Review!

Ampusp Online Website Reviews

To get information on Is Ampusp Legit , you can consider the details in the article to decide whether to shop or not. Keep reading our blog for more detail.

Are you looking forward to customizing printed t-shirts? Do you want to print on your t-shirt as per your desire? Here we are introducing a website that offers printed t-shirts as per client demand. This web page has been got authorization in the United States. The American citizens admire this web page. 

But, still, they want to study on Is Ampusp Legit or not. In the write-up, we will study the good and bad points of the website. So, continue to keep reading the article.

Is a trusted web page?

  • Web page developed on- The web page has developed 1- month, 12-days ago, and the date of its launch is 30/03/2022.
  • Trust score- The web page has contained a horrible trust count that is only 2%.
  • Interaction number: Shoppers, in their findings, got a valid telephone number on the web page’s official detail.
  • Trustworthy official address- The viewing web page purchase finds a registered physical address as per Ampusp Reviews.
  • Social networking Site Logos– The web page does not contain social networking site symbols.
  • Illogical deals- We did not find any suspicious price-cut on its product.
  • Proprietor name- Not mentioned.
  • Plagiarized content- We found 67% duplicated content.
  • Alexa Ranking- The web page has not secured any rank on Alexa.
  •  Policies- You can turn in different sheets for each policy.


It is an online digital shopping platform that offers printed t-shirts on demand. A web page aims to satisfy customers by offering unique printed t-shirts. Still, the nation’s citizens are eager to know Is Ampusp Legit or not. It has offered excellent sales services to its client.

Key points of

  • Domain URL-
  • The web page has developed on-30/03/2022
  • The web page will close on-30/03/2023
  • Email address– [email protected]
  • Trustworthy official address– 20 N Grand Blvd, Louis, MO 63103, United States.
  • Shipping Policy: The developer mentions a 4 to 6 days shipping policy on the web page.
  • Interaction number– The web page contains a telephone number that is-(279)-201-6527
  • Social site availability: Absence of social network promotion of its good questions Is Ampusp Legit or not.
  • Free Shipping- All orders within the domestic country are eligible for free shipping.
  • Tax and duties- The store is not responsible for paying it.
  • Return Policy- On the web page, we found a 30-days return policy.
  • Restocking fee- The store does not charge any restocking fee.
  • Refund Policy– After completing the entire return inspection process, your money will be deposited in your account within 6-banking days.
  • Cancellation Policy– You can cancel your order before shipment.
  • Exchange policy- Only defective or damaged products can be exchanged.
  • Payment modes– Only single mode of payment-PayPal.

Is Ampusp Legit or not? Go with its positive points-

  • The web page contains an SSL certificate.
  • The web page offers all the essential and easy to use policies to its clients.
  • The web page offers a valid address to reach its store.
  • We found a valid communicating number on the web page that offers 24/7 customer service to shoppers.
  • The shopping portal has a unique printed t-shirt on the customer’s demands.

 Negative points of

  • It offers only one mode of payment.
  • The portal is too young, so not well-known among the frequent online shoppers.

Ampusp Reviews

The web page has registered recently, so it does not get more popular. It is too young, so it needs time to get proper establishment as a successful digital shopping portal. Hence, Customer feedback for this webpage were absent in all the trusted sites in the market. Moreover, the website developer has not created a publicity page on leading promotional platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.

The poor trust score does not support the website; it shows that many buyers do not follow the web page. So, we suggest that purchasers know How to Get a Money-Back From Credit Card Scams.

Wrapping up-

You can go through with detail to know Is Ampusp Legit or not. The mentioned detail will help you to know the popularity of the website. Visit here-Top custom printing t-shirt companies and find all detail of its other product. Read it-Everything You Should Know about PayPal Scam before shopping from such a young domain.

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