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Angilife Online Website Reviews

This article shares the details about the website, and mentions Is Angilife Legit or not so that consumers can rely on it.

Do you love to wear trendy dresses? Are you aware of various opportunities, or can we say websites for shopping? If you want to know about the websites that sell clothes to consumers, we will share the required information in this article. 

Many people in the United States love to wear gowns and other trendy dresses. So, if you also want to buy such dresses, you can stay tuned with us in this article. Therefore, let’s start our discussion about Is Angilife Legit

Is Angilife Authentic? 

  • Domain age: The domain age is an important factor in determining the website’s legitimacy; therefore, we have studied its domain age, and we found that was created on 22nd April 2022. Thus, it can be proven that the website is less than one month old. 
  • Social media sites: It is important to prove the website’s legitimacy. We found that the website does not have a social media presence; therefore, we cannot trust this website merely on its presence. 
  • Consumer reviews: There are various review portals on the internet that provide a platform to write reviews, but we cannot find any reviews about Angilife ReviewsTrust Score: This website has a very bad trust score, and we cannot rely on this website. The trust score claims that it has only a 1% trust score among people. 
  • Ranking: Unfortunately, the ranking rates are not available in our research. 
  • Policy Information: There is clear policy information available about the website, and thus, we found something in favour of the website. 
  • Contact information: There is contact information available about the website, especially the email address and company address. 
  • Payment Method: There are wide options available to consumers as different payment gateways are available. 
  • Security provisions: An HTTPS certificate protects the security of the consumer data, but the Is Angilife Legit is not valid, and it does not seem to be a legitimate website. 

What is provides a variety of dresses to the consumers, such as embroidered dresses, cape dresses, fluffy swing dresses, floor-length dresses, and other such varieties. Thus, consumers are getting advantage of these dresses to order the dresses online in the United States

The dress designs include maxi dresses, feather gowns, and other such dresses available on the website. So, those consumers who want to have access to various types of dresses can visit this website and enjoy their shopping by sitting on their couch, but we need to know about Is Angilife Legit to have safe shopping. 


  • Website: Online retail website
  • Product: Clothes
  • Domain name:
  • URL:
  • Domain age: The website is very young and less than a month old. 
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Address: NO.2-Chui-Tin-St, Tai-Wai, Hong-Kong. 
  • Phone Number: Unavailable
  • Shipping Policy: There would be 3-10 days for delivery. 
  • Return policies: The return is to be within 14 days of delivery receipt. 
  • Refund Policies: Refund information is not exactly mentioned. 
  • Social media sites: Not available.
  • Payment options: Amex, Visa, Master Card, and PayPal
  • Certificate: There is HTTPS certification for the website. 

Positive aspects of the for Is Angilife Legit:

  • The only best side of this website is that it has HTTPS protocol, making this website secure from hackers. 
  • Another benefit of the website is that various collections of clothes are available on the website. 

Negative aspects of the website: 

  • The domain age is very recent, and therefore this is not a positive side for the consumers. 
  • There is a very short life expectancy for the website. 
  • The domain age seems to be linked to one or more countries, and therefore this is the suspicious side of the website. 

What are Angilife Reviews

There are no reviews about the website on its official website. As the website is new, we could not find the reviews on either of the platforms. The reviews became an important point for legitimacy, but we cannot rely on them as the reviews are not available on the website. Besides this, you must also beware of Credit card scams. 

Final Verdict: 

There are websites for shopping, and once we get to know about those websites, we tend to trust them and order the products. But not all websites are legit, as in the case of Therefore, we found that Is Angilife Legit answer says that the website is suspicious. However, if you want to shop online for dresses click here.  

In addition to this, you must also learn how to save yourself from the PayPal scams. Where do you shop for occasional dresses? You can mention them in the comment section below. 

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