Is Anuyn Legit {Aug 2022} Detailed Website Review!


The article mentions everything related to the question Is Anuyn Legit and guides the viewers in buying decisions.

Are you looking for a website that sells different kinds of shoes for women? We are here to discuss a website that claims to be one of the best-selling women’s shoe websites and has varieties of footwear that one can purchase for their daily use. People from all over the United States are highly delighted with the launch of this website, and they are looking forward to purchasing shoes from this Store. In this section, we will discuss everything in detail about the website and try to answer everything related to Is Anuyn Legit.

Is Anuyn a good e-commerce website?

Anuyn is an online website that sells various shoes and footwear for women, which can be won during the summer season. The buyers eagerly await brief details so they can purchase from this website, and we have presented a few of the pointers below to give you the brief.

  • Domain maintained from- the domain registration date of the website is 18/02/2022.
  • Trust number- the trust number of the Store is one percent.
  • Reviews- We have not found any reviews concerning Anuyn Reviews.
  • Alexa details- the Alexa number of the website is 8738993.
  • Plagiarised information- the website was recently formed, and we can find some of the contents plagiarised.
  • Address original or not- we are not sure about the authenticity of the address as it seems to be copied from some other website.
  • Social media platforms- the Store lacks any information regarding the social media websites as we have not seen anything present.
  • Unrealistic discounts- discounts are present on footwear that seems to be unrealistic.
  • Owner’s details- details about the owner are not mentioned on the page.

Information of Is Anuyn Legit

Anuyn is an online website that deals in lightweight and comfortable shoes for women which are knit for daily purposes. There are various shoes on the website, such as casual shoes, hiking shoes, sandals shoes need, sneakers, non-slippery shoes and many more. The footwear prices are affordable, and if the website presents itself as legit, one can easily purchase from this Store.

Specifications of the website

  • Domain registration- the registration date of the Store is 18/02/2022.
  • URL-
  • Social media platforms- no social media links are mentioned on this website, and hands we have no answer to Is Anuyn Legit.
  • Category- shoes for women in various categories.
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- Ansky Company Limited, M27-6DB, second floor, Lees Street, Swinton, Lancashire.
  • Return Strategy- returns are allowed to be postmarked within 30 days after delivery.
  • Refund Strategy- Refunds are processed within a certain amount of days.
  • Payment modes- payment is made through PayPal Visa and credit cards.
  • Shipping and delivery Strategy- shipping is completed within 7 to 15 days.

 Benefits of the Anuyn

  • Anuyn is an online website that sells varieties of footwear for women at an affordable range.
  • The Store sells lightweight and comfortable shoes for daily wear purposes.

Limitations based on Anuyn Reviews 

  • The Store has received a secondary trust score, so we cannot rely on the website this early.
  • The Store was recently found, and we suggest the buyers wait for a few more days to continue their purchase.
  • The address details provided on the online page seem to be copied from another source.

Customer Reviews

It is pretty challenging to search for this website’s reviews as it was formed just a few days ago, and many buyers are unaware of this Store. Furthermore, it takes time for any website to be famous, and the website is recently launched, and we do not have much in answer to Is Anuyn Legit. Therefore, we suggest people wait for a few more days or even months to get the exact whereabouts of this Store and then only proceed with their purchasing.

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Final End

We can conclude that the website was launched a few days ago, making the websites seem suspicious. We cannot trust any website this easily, and the trust score also tells us not to rely on this website. What do you think of the question Is Anuyn LegitComment below your thoughts. Also read, How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card.

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