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Anxat Online Website Reviews

Please peruse this article to address your doubt Is Anxat Legit regarding a new online platform that sells women’s fashion clothing like dresses and sweaters.

Do you want to look your best this season? Are you looking for an online portal that sells various clothing items for women? Have you finished shopping for the fall and summer to come? If not, please check out this write-up to learn about a platform.

In this article, we have discussed a new online store that sells women’s fashion items. Shoppers from several countries, especially the United States, cannot wait to know more about it. Thus, please read this composition and confirm your query Is Anxat Legit.

Is Anxat Reliable?

We know you are keen on exploring the products on this website. However, you must know the below points beforehand. These details will help you confirm this site’s legitimacy.

  • Website Age – Three and a half months, as its creation date is 25 October 2021.
  • Website Trust Score – 1%, which falls under the grouping of a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Rank in Alexa – This portal has no allotted rank in Alexa’s database. It indicates that this website is not widespread yet as it is too new.
  • Customer Reviews – We found Anxat Reviews on almost all products of this website. These opinions are primarily high-rated. However, no dates are given to substantiate the reviews, and thus, we could not verify them.
  • Social Media Linking – The developers have connected this website to its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The Authenticity of Contact Details – We could not verify the domain of the team’s e-mail address. Moreover, the contact address and number belong to another firm, not this website. The Internet displays this address as other service providers and firms.

The above points depict mixed feedback about this platform. Therefore, we cannot declare Is Anxat Legit as the developers have recently launched it.

What is Anxat?

Anxat is an online electronic commerce website that provides fashionable clothing for women. The items include dresses, sweaters, tops, hoodies, coats, cardigans, etc. The website is currently providing discounts for the upcoming seasons.


  • Portal Type – An online electronic commerce platform that sells women’s clothing like tops and hoodies.
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Address – The office address 145-157, St. John St., London, England, EC1V-4PW
  • Telephone Number – Buyers can contact at +44 7482-875-871
  • E-mail Address – [email protected]
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage – Mentioned
  • Social Media Connections – Present (It might influence your opinions regarding Is Anxat Legit).
  • Shipping Details – Standard shipment takes thirty-five working days. Customers can get free shipping on orders above $79.
  • Return and Refunds Information – Buyers should return the items within thirty days of delivery. The team shall refund the amounts within seven working days.
  • Sorting Option – Only by price.
  • Filter By – Unavailable
  • Payment Methods – Credit and debit cards of Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.
  • Product Price – Displaying in local currency that users can change from the menu.


  • The website has a wide variety of outfits.
  • All legal points are mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

Disadvantages Concerning Is Anxat Legit

  • The website’s logo on the home page mentions Since 1998. On the other hand, the website age is just three months. This contradictory information raises doubts about this site’s originality.
  • Customers cannot trust this portal entirely as it is too new.
  • The sorting option is available only by price. Also, no filtering method is provided. Thus, shoppers will find it challenging to browse numerous products.
  • All contact details mentioned on this website are dubious. The contact address and number belong to other service providers as per the Net. Moreover, we could not retrieve information about the e-mail address’s domain.

Anxat Reviews

No Reddit or Quora user has mentioned this website in their conversations. Thus, it seems this portal is not popular due to its suspicious nature. Also, customers could not trust it as it is too new. However, most products on the website contain positive reviews.

The customers have praised the quality of the items. Nonetheless, we cannot state these reviews as genuine as the reviewing dates are unavailable. Therefore, we recommend you read How to Get a Refund on Paypal to stay safe.

The Final Verdict

Our research suggests mixed opinions about this website. Nonetheless, we cannot proclaim Is Anxat Legit as it is a recently launched website. Therefore, please know How to Get a Refund on Credit Card to protect your money. Also, you may like to learn about coats and their history.

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