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AprilSales Online Website Reviews

The write-up shows us the exact direction where the website is heading and gathers the details about the readers’ question Is AprilSales Legit.

Are you looking for life-essential accessories that fit your fashion? The website AprilSales deals in various kinds of hygiene products needed for everyday use. The people in Spain, the Netherlands, France, and the United States require light fashionable clothes. The website tries to fulfil all the requirements of the people and sells the items at an affordable range. Buyers are eagerly waiting for the reviews; stay tuned to this article to get a relevant answer to Is AprilSales Legit and know the details.

Is AprilSales a legit e-commerce site?

AprilSales has various products needed in today’s times, especially after the pandemic of Covid-19. There is regular use of masks and sanitizers. People wanting summer clothes for their use can visit the website. But the question is -whether the website fulfills the legitimacy factor? We will get an answer to that by the following points mentioned. 

  • Website age formation- The formation date is 13th April 2022.
  • Trust number- The online store has received only 1 % trust value.
  • Reviews- No AprilSales Reviews have been found in the store.
  • Alexa global ranking list- The rank stands at 976743
  • Privacy mentioned- No hint of privacy is mentioned on the website.
  • Address – We do not know whether the address is legit or not.
  • Social media availability- Social media links are available but are not active, and we do not have the actual pictures of the products.
  • Unrealistic discounts- 50 % off is provided on the website for all products.
  • Owner’s details- No details about the owner is present on the website. 

Now, let us go through some general information about the site to clarify the legitimacy of the portal.

Information regarding Is AprilSales Legit

The website deals in various hygiene products such as disposable masks, lightweight cotton t-shirts, women’s camisoles, tank tops, socks, and many other varieties. It has materials for men and women. The website has not allowed the users to get the information in detail. So, we guess that the website is suspicious, and we should not purchase anything from this website for at least for few months.

Specifications of the website

  •  Age- As mentioned on the internet, the website’s age is only a few days ago, as it was created on 13th April 2022.
  • URL-
  • Social media icons- Various links are mentioned, but they are not active and hence, cannot reply Is AprilSales Legit
  • Category- Hygienic products.
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ
  • Return -No policies are mentioned about the return
  • Redeem availability – Refunds are unavailable at present.
  • Remitment modes- one can pay by PayPal or allow credit card payments by various merchants.
  • Shipping and delivery – Within 3-7 business days.

Plus points of AprilSales

  • AprilSales deals in various hygienic products ranging from disposable masks to N95 masks.
  • There are other t-shirts, tank tops and camisoles, boxers, and many other items at low prices.

Negative points based on AprilSales Reviews 

  • AprilSales has received a very low score on the trust value, and we cannot rely on the products so easily.
  • There are no returns and refunds criteria mentioned, and we do not know where to send the products in case of return.
  • The email address mentioned does not seem to be legit in any case.

Customer Reviews

We have not come across any genuine reviews anywhere online. No social media links refer to the website, so we do not know whether the buyers know about this website or not. All the lack of information on the website shows Is AprilSales Legit and guides the buyers properly on whether to trust the website or not. We cannot comment on the website so confidently at present.

People who want to know the details about N95 masks can read here and learn what the advantages are of using the N95 masks. The buyers are also guided towards the section How to Get A Refund From PayPal.

Final Thought

Many different kinds of websites sell all these mentioned items, but one must make sure whether the website is legit or not. The proper reply to Is AprilSales Legit is mentioned in this article, and readers are asked to go through the complete details of the article. What are your views on the website? Kindly let us know in the comment section. Do read How to Get A Refund From Credit Card.

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