Is Banjarwaru Legit {May 2022} Find In-Depth Review!

Banjarwaru Online Website Reviews

Please read this article to confirm your query Is Banjarwaru Legit about a recently launched fashion store selling clothing and accessories for females.

Are you willing to shop for comfortable loungewear? Do you admire yourself in hair accessories? Are you searching for a suitable portal to buy these products? Then, please read this composition to get the details.

This account has mentioned facts about a recently set up store. Female shoppers Worldwide are waiting eagerly to browse this website. They also want to confirm its legality beforehand and clear their doubts about Is Banjarwaru Legit. Hence, please read on to be well informed.

Is Banjarwaru Reliable?

You must be waiting with paused breath to check out this website’s items. However, it is helpful to clear your doubts about this site’s legitimacy. This section will enable you to attain surety about shopping from this portal.

  • Age of Portal – This website’s age is around three months. The developers launched it on 22 February 2022. 
  • Trust Index of Portal – 2%, which is a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Customer Reviews – We went through some products on this website in search of Banjarwaru Reviews but were unable to find any feedback.
  • Connection to Social Media – The website does not have links to the social media platforms.
  • Missing Policies – The website does not mention crucial policy information, like shipping, terms and conditions, etc. Furthermore, the details of the Refund are mentioned under the header of Shipping, without specifying the shipment details.
  • The Lack of Contact Information – The developers have not mentioned any contact point on this platform. So, there is no contact address, e-mail address, or contact number available.

The details above indicate this website may be suspicious. Nevertheless, we are unable to pass a judgment regarding Is Banjarwaru Legit due to its recentness.

What is Banjarwaru?

Banjarwaru is a virtual e-commerce platform that provides clothing items and accessories for girls and women. Some clothing products are dresses, cardigans, loungewear, jeans, etc. The accessories comprise bags, belts, hair accessories, shoes, jewelry, etc. 


  • Type of Platform – An online platform that sells accessories and garments for women and girls.
  • Address of Website –
  • Physical Address, Contact Number, and E-mail Address – All missing.
  • Shipping Policy – Absent. However, it is mentioned on the home page that free shipment is applicable for orders more than $60. The lack of policy wordings reaffirms your query regarding Is Banjarwaru Legit
  • Social Media Linking – Not connected.
  • Products’ Price – Provided in USD.
  • Return and Refund Information – Buyers must contact the team within three days regarding return requests. Information about the refund time is unavailable.
  • Payment Options – Absent on the home page.
  • Sorting Option – Present
  • Filter By – Absent
  • Terms and Conditions – Unavailable
  • Privacy Policy – Available


Please find the good aspects of shopping on this online platform. 

  • The items in this store, including the activewear category, have extraordinary patterns.
  • The size charts for girls and women are very informative and helpful. 

Cons About Is Banjarwaru Legit

We found many unpleasant facts about this website, as noted below.

  • The return request window is only three days, beyond which the team will not entertain any more requests for that item. There are no valid contact points on this website, and the only way to get in touch is by filling out a form. Thus, customers may not be satisfied with this time frame.
  • The website lacks essential features like social media linking, customer reviews, and policies like shipping, payment, terms of usage, etc. Therefore, it is not easy to rely on this portal. 
  • The website is too new to gain customers’ faith. 

Banjarwaru Reviews

There is no reference to this store on leading feedback portals. Therefore, it is apparent that buyers have not trusted this website yet. Also, its missing features and newness add to the discomfort of exploring and relying on this website. Furthermore, the website does not have any reviews for its products, although it contains a review section. Consequently, we request you be aware of how to Get Your Money-Back from PayPal scammers before surfing newfangled portals.

The Closing Thoughts

From the facts mentioned above, this website seems wary. However, it is difficult to proclaim Is Banjarwaru Legit as it may be under construction and is newfangled. Thus, we suggest you know How to Get a Refund on credit card, if scammed. Furthermore, please read how to wear hair accessories for better styling.

What are your thoughts about this website’s reliability? Please share with us below. 

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