Is Bbamall Legit {April 2022} Let’s Read Reviews Here!


The article write-up covers all the essential details of the website and also answers Is Bbamall Legit suggesting the users before investment.

Are you in search of a website that sells hygienic products? Buyers of the United Kingdom and the United States are very much in need of these hygienic products, and they are constantly searching for the correct online website. The hygienic products on this online store range from masks, cotton socks, cotton t-shirts, etc. 

Hygiene is an essential part of everyone’s life, and one should be hygienic enough to keep diseases at bay. The website offers a vast collection of hygienic products for people, and the article will answer the question Is Bbamall Legit.

Is Bbamall a well-grounded e-commerce site?

Bbamall is an online store that sells hygienic materials needed for everyday use. As it is related to hygiene, we cannot risk the cost of any fake products. The website will disclose the authenticity of the website and the products only by paying attention to the following points that we have mentioned below for the customer’s ease.

  • Domain year formation- The year formation date is 13th March 2022, only one month ago.
  • Trust number- The trust percentage is 1%.
  • Reviews- We have found no Bbamall Reviews anywhere related to the store.
  • Alexa global position- The Alexa position is 623033
  • Plagiarised content- Only a few products are seen, and we cannot say about plagiarism this early.
  • Original address- The address is copied from another non-trustworthy site.
  • Social media information- Inactive social media platforms are now attached to the online store.
  • Unrealistic discounts- Goods are sold at 50 % off.
  • Owner’s details- the details of owner are unrevealed. Hence, it is suspicious.

The owner recently launched the Bbamall website, and we have no idea whether the products are genuine. The buyers see no reviews, and we cannot say about Is Bbamall Legit for now.

Details of Bbamall

Bbamall is an online hygiene store that sells various products such as cotton tanks, socks, 3 ply masks, disposable masks, N 95 masks, short sleeve t-shirts, multipack t-shirts, and many more items. The items are for men and women and are sold at the best prices. The website is new, and it seems a bit challenging to trust it.

Now, let us notice some specification related to this site.

Specifications of the website

  • Domain formation year- The domain formation year is 13th March 2022, a month ago.
  • URL-
  • Social platform icons- Inactive social icons are present, and therefore we cannot say Is Bbamall Legit.
  • Category- Hygienic products all in one place.
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England
  • Return Policies- Nothing is present about the return of the product.
  • Refund Policies- No refund policy is applied.
  • Payment choice- Credit card options such as VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro.
  • Shipping and delivery Policies- Standard shipping of 7 business days to 9 business days.

Advantages of the Bbamall

  • Bbamall sells hygiene products for men and women at the best prices and is sold at a fantastic deal.
  • It sells fashionable clothes and fits the budget of the buyers.

Drawbacks regarding Bbamall Reviews

  • The major drawback that the website faces is the trust index, on which the entire sales of the website are dependent.
  • The website has not given any return and refund policy details, and we cannot buy anything from this website.
  • The address mentioned shows that it is not a returning address, so it seems fake.

Customer Reviews

We find it challenging to extract reviews from the people as no one has bought anything from this store. We know that the website is new, but still, it has failed to gather the viewers’ attention, so we cannot say Is Bbamall Legit or fraud. As there are no active social media icons, there is no scope for the website to gain attraction as it would have received if there were an active social media account.

People can read here and get complete information about N95 masks and know their purposes. You can also visit the section How to Get Refund From PayPal for Item Not Received.


Bbamall seems to be a suspicious website, and it will be too early to comment on its authenticity. We request the buyers not purchase anything from this website and kindly wait for a few more months. What is your answer to Is Bbamall LegitHave you purchased anything from this respective website? Comment below your opinions about the same. Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Read here.

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