Is Blixstore Legit {June} Check A Comprehensive Review!

Blixstore Online Website Reviews
This post has useful information about Is Blixstore Legit to give visitors insight into the shopping store’s trustworthiness and reliability.

Are you crazy about purchasing things online? Do you often try purchasing unique items online?  Many shopping enthusiasts across the United Kingdom and worldwide often explore Blix Store to check its displayed unique items. It is a one-of-a-kind shopping store that displays unique items on its online store.

But, when you try buying things from new websites, such as Blix Store, you might be in trouble wasting money on fake online stores. So, let’s check if it Is Blixstore Legit or a scam through the post below.

Is Blix Store’s site a Scam?

  • Domain information – Blixstore’s official site was designed on June 8, 2022, and expires on June 8, 2023.
  • Domain details– Blixstore’s domain registration was dones as
  • Social Networking Accounts– Blix Store has no presence on social networking platforms.
  • Trust Index or Rating- Blixstore shopping portal has only a two percent trust index. Therefore, it makes Blix Store’s shopping store suspicious and questionable. So, explore Blix Store before ordering the merchandise.
  • Rank- Blix Store website’s rank is 5.8 out of 100, making us request you to check its authenticity.
  • Customer Views- We could not find Blixstore Reviews over review platforms and trusted sites.
  • Trust Score- Bixstore’s shopping store has 52% trust scores out of a hundred. The low trust score makes Blix Store’s shopping store not reliable or trustworthy to shop from.

What is Blix Store’s portal?

Blix Store’s shopping store is an online platform that offers many types of accessories and items present on its shopping platform. For example, it sells vehicle parts, accessories, watches, security, furniture, Christmas gifts, etc.

Many products also discount watches, leggings, boho tapestries, trippy tapestries, animal tapestries, kids’ toys, kitchen organizers, and many more categories. So, checking Blix Store’s authenticity would be useful and know if it Is Blixstore Legit or not.

Hence, all the findings of Blix Store prove that this site is not trustworthy.

Specifications of Blix Store’s portal:

  • Website Link –
  • E-mail Address – [email protected]
  • Contact details – Not Available
  • Blixstore’s physical address details are Stufzone Limited, 152-160 City Road, Kemp House, London, ECV12NX, England.
  • Working Hours- Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.
  • Available payment options- Not mentioned on the official online store. 
  • Shipping Policy- Blixstore’s platform ships its products worldwide. However, it does not ship across Maghreb and Russia. Its standard shipping takes about 10 to 15, days and express shipping takes around 7 to 10 working days. But, reading if it Is Blixstore Legit or not will assist you in saving time on exploring fake websites.
  • Return Policy- Blix Store accepts returns and refunds within fourteen days of purchasing its items.

Pros of Blix Store’s portal:

  • Blix Store’s shopping portal displays many unique categories and items.
  • Blix Store provides a discount on its products.
  • It claims to provide one-of-a-kind and unique products.

Cons of Blix Store’s portal:

  • Blix Store’s shopping store has no reviews and opinions from any shoppers.
  • Blix Store has not mentioned its contact number or owner’s information.
  • Blix Store’s website has a few contents copied from other sites.

Hence, thorough research of Blix Store’s shopping site will be helpful.

Blixstore Reviews:

Blix Store’s shopping site has not gained users’ views and reviews. Hence, checking its trust score, readability, and worthiness will help you save from getting trapped. Also, you must explore review websites to find out if any buyers or users have commented about the product bought or the quality of the products delivered from the Blix Store.

Besides, it has exhibited products of several categories on its web page. However, even after displaying many products, Blix Store has not received any comments from its customers. Hence, the non-availability of Blix Store’s reviews proves it a questionable store. So, please check through if it Is Blixstore Legit or not. Also, determine about Everything You Should Know About Paypal Scam.

 Final Verdict:

Blix store, an online shopping site, sells many unique items. However, Blix Store has a 2% trust index, with a 52% trust score. So, its low score, rank, and trust index make its store a questionable platform. Therefore, you may check here to purchase high-quality products.

Read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam for additional information. Was this article helpful for you? Moreover, you must look out if it Is Blixstore Legit. Please leave your opinion about Blix Sore’s portal in the comment section.

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