Is Check-Plagiarism Legit or Scam? Get a Detailed Review

Is Check-Plagiarism Legit or Scam Get a Detailed Review

Are you a student, writer, or blogger looking to check plagiarism in your academic papers, articles, or blogs? 

We are here with a detailed review of Check-Plagiarism, and we’ll let you know if this duplication checker is a scam or legit.

What is Check-Plagiarism?

Check-Plagiarism is an online platform that provides some tools related to writing. But here, we will discuss its main tool, which is the plagiarism checker. This freemium tool uses highly advanced technology based on artificial technology (AI).

This tool is well-known in the plagiarism industry because check-plagiarism offers a free version in which you can check up to 2,000 words at a time.

Due to this, some users think this tool is a scam and doesn’t work properly because it offers many features in its free version that seem too good to be true.

Let’s explore this tool and how it works and give the results.

How to Check the Plagiarism with This Tool?

Check-plagiarism has a very friendly interface, and users won’t feel any difficulty in using it. You can use this tool by following the steps given below.

  • Open the tool, and you will see the input text box.
  • Select the language in which you want to use this tool.
  • Copy/paste the text or upload it from your device’s storage.
  • Complete the captcha and click on the “Check Plagiarism” button

After clicking, it will scan the plagiarism in the text and give you the results. If plagiarism is found in your content, it will give the results showing the percentage of plagiarism in the text.

But if plagiarism is not found in your text, then it will be 100% unique.

So, this is how we can use check-plagiarism, but now we have to see whether this tool detects accurate plagiarism in the text or not. 

Is Check-Plagiarism Detect the Duplication Correctly?

We are going to take another ranking tool from the search engine and paste the same text in it and see if it gives the same results or if check-plagiarism is generating a fake report.

Now, we’ll copy and paste the same text into another tool.

As shown in the above image, we have pasted the same text in another tool. 

So, as you can see, this tool also gives the same percentage of plagiarism in the text. 

In the accuracy and detection of plagiarism, Check-Plagiarism is legit, not a scam. This is good for those free users who can’t afford a premium tool to detect plagiarism in their text.

Now, let’s talk about its specific details and other features.

Specific Details of Check-Plagiarism

Here are specific details of this tool.

  • About the Company’s Owner: This tool was created by a group of 3 developers.
  • Customer Support Email: For any query or help, users can contact [email protected] email.
  • Location of Company: This company is located at United Trade Center, Shop# 2 G-9 Markaz Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Published Date: The domain age of check-plagiarism is 6 years and 379 days, which means it was created in Dec-2015.
  • Alexa Ranking: 19358
  • Happy Audience: This tool has more than 400,000 happy customers with reviews.
  • Percentage of Backlinks: Check-Plagiarism has 47% of quality backlinks.
  • Social Media Services: It also offers social media services and support, which clearly shows that it is a legit platform. You can contact them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the check-plagiarism.


  • It offers a free version in which you can check up to 2,000 words
  • Generate the report with a presentable graph
  • 24/7 customer support with a live agent
  • Multiple files supported features


  • Some of their features are only accessible after purchasing their premium feature.

So, these are the pros and cons of the check-plagiarism. Now, let’s explore their reviews and see what experience users had.

Users Feedback & Reviews

A review plays the main part in the establishment and trust of the brand or company. Let’s see how the users experienced using Check-plagiarism.

In its features, this tool has published that Check-plagiarism has made 400,000+ happy customers worldwide in the past few years, and they got very good feedback from them.

So, this proof clearly describes that Check-Plagiarism is not a scam or fake tool. Now, let’s move toward its premium version and see how much it costs and what features it provides.

How Much Does a User Have to Pay for Premium Version, and What Features They Get?

As we have discussed above, check-plagiarism also offers a premium/paid version, in which you will get some extra features. This tool offers affordable packages that every user can pay for.

Along with this, check-plagiarism offers its premium plan in different variants. You can get access to their premium features in the: 

  • Weekly Plan: The word limit will increase to 2,500/search. You can get it for $7.
  • Monthly Plan: The word limit will increase to 10,000/search. You can get it for $17.
  • Semi-Annual Plan: The word limit will increase to 50,000/search. You can get it for $100 or pay $14.16 each month.
  • Annual Plan: The word limit will increase to 100,000/search. You can get it for $135 or pay $9.56 each month.

Along with this, this tool offers multiple options to pay. 

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card

This means that anyone from all over the world can pay and grab the premium version. 

So, if we talk about their refund policy. In normal cases, like if a customer is unhappy or changes their mind, then the company will not refund the payment.

The reason for not giving a refund is that they already offer a free version that gives you the best results, which are accurate, fast, and better. You can get a refund if you buy two plans accidentally.

Check-plagiarism Review

So, we have reviewed the Check-Plagiarism, and we will say that it is not a scam website because it has good user reviews. This tool has many features that can help student writers and bloggers. One of the good features is it has a free version in which you can check up to 2,000 words per search. You can also try this tool for your satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

So, in this post, we have reviewed Check-Plagiarism in-depth and see whether this tool is legit or a scam. After that, we have come to a conclusion, which is if this tool is a scam, then they will never provide their company information and details like contact email and address, etc.

Other than that, Check-Plagiarism has a very high percentage of backlinks that are coming from high-quality websites. We’re going to say this tool is not a scam because it gives users too much reliability, as they can also pay the semi-annual or annual price in installments.

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