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Comohot Online Website Reviews

Is Comohot Legit? The store has brought entertaining products to the foreign countries. But we recommend checking its legitimacy via this blog before trying.

Are you exploring the internet to purchase household commodities? Many websites are in the retail business in Canada, which deals with mainly household products; nevertheless, finding a legit shop among thousands of new retailers is challenging.

The shop brings some daily useful and entertaining items for everyday shoppers. However, before using the shop, checking legitimacy is recommended. 

Here, in this blog, let us together figure out the answer to ‘Is Comohot Legit?’ or not by checking some critical aspects. 

Is the Comohot retail shop reliable?

Legitimacy can’t be checked by analyzing the product details and mission, and vision. The main points include reviews, online promotion details, trust score, domain name and age, plagiarism, and more. In the next segment, we will be giving you a result with precise details and verifying the store’s legitimacy. So let’s begin to discover the facts-

  • Site Registered On: The shop was registered on 18th May 2022. Therefore, the age of the Comohot shop is 1 month.
  • Reviews: No Comohot Reviews can be obtained.
  • Domain Name: The site’s domain is
  • Trust Rate: The trust rating is 2 percent.
  • Location Analysis: As the corporate address is not given, the analysis can’t be possible to perform. 
  • Skipped Pages: Presence of 2 skipped pages.
  • Dead Hyperlinks: Presence of 1 dead hyperlink.
  • Payment Processes: Single-mode is available.
  • Missing Information (If Any): Address, cancellation policy, corporate number.
  • Corporate Company Holder: The holding company details have not been shared.
  • Community Profiles: Inaccessible.
  • Plagiarism: 20 percent similar data and 39 percent plagiarism is present.

As the store’s age is new and credibility low, our team cannot confirm the store’s legitimacy as of now. More checking is compulsory.

What is the Comohot shop?

Is Comohot Legit? It’s an online seller that deals with various commodities related to entertainment and household commodities. The shop claims to provide high-end service in Canada, but before falling to their words, we must check the shop minutely. The landing page has a few products and their descriptions. And no categories are available on the webshop.

After analyzing the shop, we must say that it has been crafted poorly and in an unprofessional way because no catalog is present, there are very few product collections, and the user interface isn’t friendly. The product page has a written description with pictures. Additionally, the website’s language is French, but it can be translated to your language with a legit translator.

Specifications (Considering Comohot Reviews):

  • Store’s Link:
  • Feedback: Remarks from the clients are not obtainable.
  • Address Details: The details are restricted to analysis. Therefore, we aren’t able to provide you with the details.
  • Contact Number: The consumer support number is unavailable.
  • Comohot’s Email ID: The email ID is [email protected].
  • Delivery Policy: The policy details show that the timing may differ from country to country. The estimated timing is 12 to 25 days.
  • Charges Information: The details come up in the checkout section.
  • Cancellation Policy: The canceling process is not shared.
  • Is Comohot Legit: It is unknown.
  • Return Policy: In accordance with the policy, the duration is 15 days to return the product. 
  • Exchange Policy: There is no exchange policy shared on the site.
  • Refund Availability: The money has been refunded within 3 to 4 business days.
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal.


  • Secure with SSL certificate. 
  • Various different entertaining items are displayed.


  • The site’s reviews are not accessible.
  • Social connection is not visible.
  • The corporate number hasn’t been shared.
  • The cancellation process is missing.
  • Plagiarised data has been identified.
  • The site’s payment process is single; thus, it cannot give users the freedom to pay with multiple options.
  • Location details are unknown.

Consumers’ reactions regarding ‘Is Comohot Legit‘:

There are no reviews available on the site, as the site’s been operating for 1 month. No remarks are also available on the weblogs.

In addition, social profiles are also not obtainable on some platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Also, read the methods of claiming refunds on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

The shop’s registration date is new, and no credibility has been found. The trust rating is so poor, and reviews are not available. Additionally, no social promotion is done throughout the time. Therefore, Is Comohot Legit? The site’s legitimacy is not confirmed. Buyers should browse legit sites and buy from them. Additionally, check out the tips for getting refunds on credit cards. 

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