Is Coorama Legit {June 2022} Check Website Reviews Here!

Coorama Online Website Reviews

Please scroll down the post to know about and Is Coorama Legit, and other details about the website and its products. 

Are you a clothes lover who loves new and trendy clothes? Well, Coorama is an online store where you buy different kinds of clothing items from casual wear shirts, pants and shoes, and so on, to complete a person’s look. This website’s goals and targets are very clear about what they want to achieve. 

It is famous in many parts of the world, especially in the United States. Please read the article carefully to know the details about the website and discuss whether it Is Coorama Legit. Follow the article to know more.

Is Coorama genuine or not? 

  • Domain age- The website was registered on 11th May 2022, indicating inexperience.
  • Domain expiry date – The domain is to be expired on 11th May 2023.
  • Owner Details – The owner’s identity is not mentioned on the official website. 
  • Trust score – Trust score of 1% is given, which is very poor. 
  • Security – HTTP protects the data of the site.
  • Website popularity – Ranking in the website popularity is 8294869, which is quite low. 
  • Social media platforms – No presence on the website is found on any social media platforms. 
  • Coorama Reviews– Several reviews are found on other websites, but none on the official website.
  • Trust index – The trust index of the website is given 0 out of 100.
  • Website blacklisted status – Any blacklist search engine has not detected it. 
  • Threat and phishing score – Both threat and phishing score is 90 out of 100.
  • Malware and spam score – The malware score is 78/100, and the spam score of the website is 38/100.
  • Proximity to suspicious websites – 23 out of 100 is given to the website for proximity to suspicious websites; it helps determine whether Is Coorama Legit.

Hence, the above details give us a brief idea about the website, but we still need to discuss other details about the other aspects of the website.

Know in detail:

Coorama is related to the clothing industry. The industry is very much in trend nowadays. Every person wants to dress up to the best of their capability. The main goal of the online store is to make America’s casuals more retro-based and stylish.

They are also focusing on repairing used clothes and using second-hand clothes. But the website is comparatively very new to decide Is Coorama Legit.

Specific details about the website:

  • Website name-
  • Domain URL –
  • Contact number – The contact number is not mentioned on the official website. 
  • Email address [email protected]
  • Address – Address is also not found on the website. 
  • Free shipping service – On all orders for over 89$.
  • Return and refund policy – Return can be accepted after 14 days of delivery and afterwards be refunded. 
  • Payment methods – Following payment modes are accepted such as PayPal, Apple pay, Visa, Master card etc.
  • Business Timing – Open for Business only between 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday. 
  • Cost price – Can be adjusted as per country. 

Positive points to determine whether Is Coorama Legit or not! 

  • Free shipping on all orders above $89.
  • Has not been detected by any blacklist search engine. 
  • HTTP protects the data. 
  • Varieties of casual wear are available. 

Negative points about the website 

  • The address and contact number of the store are not found anywhere.
  • Very poor scores are there in the records for the website.
  • Details about the owner are not public.
  • Not available on any social media handles, which is not good for the website.

Therefore, upon comparing the pros and cons, it is still not fair to the website to give any judgment. So we will discuss further the reviews of the website.

What are Coorama Reviews?

Not many reviews about the website and the products are found but giving it the advantage of being new in the market. They need more time to prove their talent and worth to the consumers and work through the competition in the market. 

Hoping for a bright future ahead of time for the website and competition in the market. Moreover, click here to safeguard against Credit card scams.

Final summary 

Looking at the above details and details about the online store and low life expectancy, it is still very early to determine Is Coorama Legit. So we suggest the customers avoid reckless shopping and do proper research before purchasing anything. 

Therefore, we recommend you to go through all the details and learn more about the website. Was this post informative for you? Tell us in the comments. Also, click here to keep yourself safe against PayPal scams. 

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