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Daroene Online website Reviews

The article highlights all the essential points regarding the online website and the products that it sells and tries to answer Is Daroene Legit.

Are you in search of trendy clothes? Are you looking for a website that sells varieties of clothing and footwear for women? Then you have come to the right place as we will tell you about a website with all these items you need. Women Worldwide are thrilled with this website’s launch as it has various collections for their formal and casual wear. We will mention all the details about this website and answer Is Daroene Legit here.

Is Daroene an authentic online e-commerce store?

Daroene website is a clothing website, and to fall under the category of an authentic online website, there are a few areas that we have covered to cross-check the website’s whereabouts. Some of those points are mentioned below and briefly explain the website’s details.

  • Domain data mentioned – the online store’s domain date, as found, is 28/07/2021.
  • Trust score value- the online store has received an average trust score of 60%.
  • Reviews- while going through the website, we found some positive Daroene Reviews on the testimony page.
  • Alexa rank found- 5562049 is the global Alexa rank score of the online store.
  • Plagiarism noticed- the website looks authentic and does not seem plagiarized.
  • Address original or fake- the contact address provided does not seem authentic and has no details.
  • Social media – no social media accounts are linked to the clothing website.
  • Unrealistic discounts- we can find some unrealistic discounts mentioned in the store.
  • Owner’s information – no details regarding the owner have been provided on the website about us page.

Information of Is Daroene Legit

Daroene sells varieties of clothing and footwear to satisfy buyers’ needs, especially women. The website has tops, dresses, two-piece sets, intimate wear, bags and footwear. The items are sold at an affordable price, and the website provides a significant discount on each item sold. The website promises to sell the best quality clothing that is very comfortable to wear.

Features of the website

  • Domain- the website’s domain age is approximately 1 year, and it was founded on 28 July 2021.
  • URL-
  • Social media- there are no reference links to social media, so it becomes a bit challenging to answer Is Daroene Legit?
  • Category – varieties of clothing for women and footwear.
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- Address details are not precise due to their language.
  • Return allowed- the buyers can return the products within 14 days of Delivery.
  • Refunds allowed- if unsatisfied with the products, refunds are processed within 3 to 5 business days.
  • Payment options are given – PayPal and credit cards are the option for payment.
  • Shipping and Delivery allowed- the product’s delivery time takes around 7 to 10 working days.

 Opportunities of Daroene website

  • Daroene sells different categories of clothing, footwear and bags for women. 
  • The items are sold at relatively low prices than the market.

Obstacles based on Daroene Reviews

  • The trust score of Daroene is average, and we cannot be satisfied with the score.
  • The address details of the website are presented in Chinese, so the viewers and buyers cannot understand and locate the exact location of the warehouse.
  • The lack of social media links for any website does not provide them ample light, which is a drawback.

Customer Reviews 

There are many reviews mentioned on the website page, but they do not seem legitimate. We say so as some of the reviews mention the best quality drinks they have experienced and are not related anywhere to the website. So the reviews fail to answer Is Daroene Legit effectively. The reviews mentioned cannot be trusted entirely, and some of them are not linked to the items sold on the website and are copied from another source.

Women who are unaware of Two-piece dresses  can find the details here and know how they are worn. In case of a scam, we suggest the readers go through How to Get a Full Refund on PayPal.


We can conclude this post by saying that although the website has received an average trust score, it does not seem authentic. Pertinent details are not mentioned even if the website has crossed one year of its launch. To answer Is Daroene Legitthe readers must wait some more time. Have you purchased anything from this store? Comment below and read How to Get a Refund on a Credit Card.

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