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Fatachic Online Webstie Reviews

The essential data and validation information will give you an idea about the online store and try to answer the question Is Fatachic Legit or not. 

Do you like online buying? Are you fashion freaky? There is a virtual shop that gives you all types of fashionable and designable dresses via the online shop. The name of this online shop is Fatachic. The online shop offers various dress materials like- tops, dress sets etc.

Many buyers from the United States and the United Kingdom buy from this site. But many people don’t know about the website clearly. We will cross-check all the information, validate the data, and determine if – Is Fatachic Legit or a scam? 

This step will find out all the essential points about the online store.

  • The date of Domain Creation-The domain was initiated on 24 November 2021. Domain data is very recent.
  • Expiry Date: The domain will expire on 24 November 2022. The domain will expire within six months.
  • Trust Score: The website has a 1 percent trust score. It is the worst trust score.
  • Postal Address– 111C, 7th Floor, Hekou Market Complex, Yangtoukou, Chatting Street, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City, Fujian 
  • Trust Score Index– the Index trust score is 27.9 percent.
  • Founder(s) details: Partially, founder details have been found.
  • Fatachic Reviews – Customer feedback is unavailable on the official website. 
  • A Popularity score: The website popularity score is awful, nearly 12085247.
  • Phishing Points: The phishing score is 61 out of 100.
  • Threat Factors: The threat score is 69 out of 100.

From the above discussion, we get many vital and essential factors about the website. But we can’t say all these information can prove the website’s legitimacy. So, we all need to validate and check other details on the website. Hope the extra and transparent information will help us determine whether it Is Fatachic Legit or not?

What Do You Know about Fatachic? 

Fatachic offers various types of designable and beautiful dresses. The online store offers dresses and attire with a healthy design and cultural inspiration as per the website.  The buyers can find – Jumpsuits and bottoms, tops, elegant style dresses etc. Each item has its own speciality and price rate. Now we need to check the influential factors of the website. 

  • The Website’s Name- Fatachie
  • The URL of the Website-
  • Contact Information-A phone number is mentioned – +1 (424) 946-7177
  • Email ID- The official email id is- [email protected]
  • The Owner’s name of the company- The domain’s owner name is partially identified. Is Fatachic Legit the question is raised. 
  • Official Address- Mentioned on the official website. 
  • The Policy of Return- The website allows a 14 days return policy. 

Kindly note all the information is taken from trusted internet sources.

Now tell us, are you sure about the website? Unfortunately, as per the search and research, the website is unclear on much information. So, we need to find out more details on the website. We also find out some positive and negative factors about the online store and the crystal clear information about it. 

The Positive Factors: Is Fatachic Legit or scam

  1. a) The store offers many types of dress materials and items. 
  2. b) We also find out the valid HTTP. 
  3. c) The return policy is well mentioned on the website. 
  4. d) The website offers many payment options to buyers. 

The Negative Matters of the Website

  1. a) The website was opened just six months back, so; it is very new in the market. 
  2. b) We find the 69 percent malware score out of 100. 
  3. c) The spam score of the website is around 10 percent out of 100. 
  4. d) As per the proximity to the suspicious website, the score is 20 percent out of 100.  

What do Fatachic Reviews Say? 

Unfortunately, we have checked the official website of Fatachic but don’t receive a single customer’s review on the website. It is very unusual for the present day’s website. We also searched the other trusted website to learn about the customer’s feedback. 

But sadly, we again find only one review from the customer. And the review also indicates the negative side of the website. So, we think we need to do more research on this. You can also read – How to Secure Your Money from Paypal Scam? 


The article tries to find out Is Fatachic Legit by the above discussion. We have checked all the information and cross checks all the data. But we find that the online store doesn’t make precise amounts of essential data, and it indicates the very fishy matters of the website.  

Our suggestion is to check all the valid data before the buying decision. You can also comment about your online shopping experiences at the present time. Also, read – The procedures to stop credit card scams.  

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