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Fenlita Online website Reviews

Please read this article to answer Is Fenlita Legit regarding an online marketing site that sells books of various niches, like fiction, academics, etc.

Do you love reading storybooks and novels? Are you looking for second-hand yet intact textbooks for your academics? Then, please read further to learn all the necessary facts about a platform matching your interest.

This report discusses the authenticity of an online platform related to books. Book lovers from the United States are looking forward to exploring this platform. However, readers must confirm its dependability first. Thus, please read this account till the end to address your question Is Fenlita Legit.

Is Fenlita Trustworthy?

This section highlights the extent of trustworthiness of this online shopping store. Readers can gain more surety about exploring this website upon reading this data.

  • Age of Portal – The oldness of this store is eleven days past ten months. The team launched this website on 15 October 2021.
  • Trust Score of Site – 1%, which falls under the Very Bad Trust Score classification. 
  • Link to Social Media – Linking to social media does not exist on this online portal.
  • Ranking in Alexa Database – 1235546, which is a dissatisfactory ranking.
  • Fenlita Reviews We could not locate any segment to share written reviews about the books in this store.
  • The Dependability of Contact Particulars – The store’s address perhaps belongs to a residential property, as our research shows. Also, the designers have not stated the phone number.
  • Lack of Menu – This platform has no catalog or categories to browse the products. One has to type the desired book in the search bar to see if this store offers it. The Buy Now option exists after searching the book, not otherwise.

Our analyses suggest wariness about this platform. However, commenting Is Fenlita Legit is not feasible, for it is a freshly launched website.

What is Fenlita?

Fenlita is an online store that sells books related to academics, professions, fiction, etc. The team collaborates with libraries and provides books from their collection. The developers also provide books unwanted by other users.


  • Type of Website – A virtual platform rendering books of different kinds.
  • Platform Address –
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]
  • Location of Store – 223 East Howard St., Sedalia, Missouri-65301, United States
  • Telephone Number – Missing
  • Link to Social Media – Not given. It may change your mind regarding Is Fenlita Legit.
  • Shipping-Related Particulars – Delivery time in most places is three to seven working days after processing. Data about shipment charges are missing from the policy.
  • Privacy Policy – Given
  • Sort By – Absent
  • Return and Refunds Rules – No time to return the books is mentioned. However, the returns are subject to damaged or incorrect orders only. Replaced products shall arrive within seven to fourteen working days.
  • Filtering Scope – Not given.
  • Goods’ Cost – Provided in USD.
  • Payment Modes – Credit cards of Discover, Visa, MasterCard, etc., and PayPal.
  • Terms of Usage – Given


  • The search bar yields almost every book typed, indicating association to a massive inventory.
  • The FAQs are helpful.

Cons Disclosing Is Fenlita Legit

  • The team has not listed the books under categories or menus. Thus, one cannot know if the book is available in the store without typing the name in the search bar. The option to buy is also prevalent after searching the book.
  • The lack of linking to social media surges the doubts surrounding this store.
  • We feel “qualify” is misspelled as “quality” in the first line of the Return Policy page.
  • The returning and refunding data contradict between the policy and the product checkout page.
  • The website is freshly created, and thus customers may have trust issues with it.

Fenlita Reviews

No citation of this online platform is prevalent on leading review websites. Most probably, customers are not willing to surf this website due to its ambiguous facets. Also, customers cannot express their comments on this store’s products and services for the lack of the corresponding segment. So, we recommend our readers wait for until substantial comments are accessible about this store. Hence, we request you know how to Get Your Money-Back from PayPal scammers to stay watchful.


According to our analysis, this platform seems wary. Still, it may be difficult to comment Is Fenlita Legit for its freshness. Thus, we suggest you be well-versed with the Methods To Get Money Back on credit card for alertness. Moreover, here is a list of must-read books for your interest. 

What are your opinions about this website’s surety? Please write in the below section.

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