Is Gitalesley Legit (Feb 2022) Let Us Read The Review!

Gitalesley Online Website Reviews

Are you looking for stylish coats? This post is for you that contains all points related to its authenticity: Is Gitalesley Legit or fake?

Are you excited to buy new clothing articles? Do you want to update your wardrobe? Therefore, to know more about the clothing website’s legitimacy, please connect till the end.

As we know, online shopping is preferable by many people as it is convenient according to their time, so there are so many ecommerce portals available in many countries like the United States. You can easily update your clothing collection as well as other utility collections.

Here is a portal that holds a collection of jeans, coats, hoodies, jackets, shoes, and many more. It offers a very unique and stylish collection and is also very attractive.

But before order, check: Is Gitalesley Legit or fake?

Is Gitalesley Scam or Legit?

In the case of online shopping, we must check all significant aspects, so we collect some points:

  • The domain creation date of the Gitalesley is 02/06/2021.
  • The expiration date of the Gitalesley is coming soon, i.e., 02/06/2022.
  • Gitalesley is securing a horrible trust score, i.e., 8% only.
  • It has an average trust rank, i.e., 47.2 out of 100.
  • We explore the internet but cannot find the company’s owner’s information.
  • Shoppers’ Gitalesley Reviews are unavailable on the portal, and even on any verified website.
  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter links are available in the description of the products, but the pages are not working. 
  • During our research, we have found the Facebook page of the website.
  • It is serving its products in many countries, including the United States.
  • The website is securing a zero Alexa rating.
  • We noticed few contents are copied on the website from another platform.

We can say that the website is suspicious because of the absence of feedback and deactivated social media platforms. So please wait for the reviews.

What is Gitalesley?

Is Gitalesley Legit or fake? For this question, we searched all main features, i.e., the website serves its services online that holds a unique collection of the products like a hooded jacket, vintage sweaters, LED coats, shoes, jeans, and many other items.

Currently, discount coupons are available up to 30%. There is no need to pay an extra shipping charge if your order is above $39. Also, the new year sale is going on with terms and conditions.

Let us move forward and check all the specifications carefully.

Features About Gitalesley

  • As shopper’s reviews are not available anywhere, we are not sure about its reality: Is Gitalesley Legit or fake?
  • The URL for the visit of the website is
  • The email support for any inquiry is [email protected]/.
  • The contact number is not available, so we can not directly call.
  • The company name is Kristal F I Societa’a Responsibilita Semplificata.
  • The company address is Milano (MI) Via Tonale 12 CAP 20125.
  • Discount coupons and new year’s sale is running on the portal.
  • It accepts returns within 30 days after delivery.
  • Payment mode is available, i.e., online by VISA and MasterCard.

Advantages of This Online Platform

  • The website is fully secured by HTTPS and SSL integration.
  • We can check that: Is Gitalesley Legit or fake? All the communication details are available except the contact number.
  • Up to 30% discount is going on the podium.
  • They offer unique, stylish, and attractive items.

Disadvantages of This Online Platform

  • The website is too new and has a terrible trust index.
  • The given company address is fake as not visible on the google map.
  • It has not shared the contact number.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest links are not active.
  • The prices of the items are too high.

Before placing an order, we must read the feedback of the experienced users that help us to move ahead and in taking the right decision.

Customer’s Gitalesley Reviews

Gitalesley is a shopping website for the online shopping lover that contains a collection for men and women like jeans, hoodies, jackets , coats, shoes, and so on.

To ensure we check the portal and social media, and other verified portals to collect the feedback of past users, but we have collected no data. So, it is suggested to see the lines from the user’s side before deciding.

Please check and learn how to protect your money from credit card fraud.


In conclusion, we can say the final words about the legitimacy: Is Gitalesley Legit or fake? by few points, i.e., new domain age, no reviews available anywhere, unrealistic discounts, meager trust score and rank, no social activity, etc. that happens to make the website questionable and dubious.

Please be aware of how you make a shelter on your amount from the PayPal scam

Are you using any item from Gitalesley? In the below box, you can mention your thoughts.

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  1. I ordered five pairs of boots from them and spent $90 and I haven’t received a single thing as well as every time I email them they send me the same email and they can’t tell me when I will get my items or even if it’s been shipped out.

    1. Hello Rylee! Thank you for posting your review here and sharing your experience. Yes, it is updated in the blog also that the legitimacy of this site is questionable. Your review will be helpful for all the other readers and prospective buyers. Stay Safe! Thanks & Regards

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