Is Gustion Costco Legit {June 2022} An In-Depth Review!

Gustion Costco Online Website Reviews

Please read this article to confirm your question Is Gustion Costco Legit regarding a newfangled online shopping platform primarily dealing with furniture.

Do you plan to renovate your home with elegant furniture? Are you looking for robust workbenches with wheels? Or do you wish to relax on swing chairs at your home? Then, please read this composition to find the necessary details.

Today’s write-up has talked about a recent online platform that offers the above items. People from several nations, such as the United States, are researching details about this store. Thus, please peruse the details mentioned here to get a better insight into Is Gustion Costco Legit.

Is Gustion Costco Authentic?

We suggest you go through the particulars in this section that we have jotted after thorough research. Knowing these details will let you clear your doubts about this portal’s authenticity.

  • Platform Oldness – The age of this website is over one and a half months. The team created it on 09 May 2022.
  • Website Trust Index– 2%, which is a Very Poor Trust Index.
  • False Connections to Social Media – The designers have attempted to mislead shoppers by providing social media icons as quick links. These icons redirect to the webpage the user last opened. Such manipulation does not speak well about the website’s originality. 
  • Gustion Costco Reviews Customers cannot post their feedback as there is no section to do so on this platform.
  • Mismatch in Content – The FAQs and policy wordings contradict details regarding shipping timeframe, return policy, etc. 
  • The Lack of Contact Details – The website is devoid of the team’s physical address or telephone number. The e-mail address is also dubious as it seems to belong to another site.
  • Missing Specifications – The designers have not made any sorting or filtering options available.

The subject website seems wary based on these facts. However, it is challenging to state Is Gustion Costco Legit because the designers have established it newly.

What is Gustion Costco?

Gustion Costco is a virtual shopping portal selling many types of furniture, such as patio gazebos, sectional sofas, swing chairs, etc. Additionally, the portal also offers kitchen appliances, workbenches, etc. The kitchen tools include cookware, mixers, countertop ovens, etc.


  • Platform Type – A virtual shopping website offering furniture, kitchen equipment, etc. 
  • Address of Portal – 
  • Phone Number – Not provided.
  • Contact Address – Not mentioned.
  • E-Mail Address – [email protected] The domain does not belong to this website and reaffirms your queries, Is Gustion Costco Legit.
  • Links with Social Media – Misguiding
  • Shipping Details – Shipping in the United States takes five to seven days with charges of $25.99.
  • Policy Related to Refund and Return – Shoppers must contact the team via electronic mail within five days of receiving the product to return it. The time for the refund is missing on the policy.
  • Price of Products – Provided in USD.
  • Payment Methods – Debit or credit cards of JCB, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal.
  • Privacy Policy – Stated
  • Sort By and Filtering – Absent
  • Terms of Usage – Mentioned


  • The item descriptions are very elaborate. 
  • The portal’s products are aesthetic and perfect for a home’s makeover.

Cons to elaborate Is Gustion Costco Legit

  • The designers have not provided the methods to filter and sort the products. 
  • The electronic mail domain is of some other website. Also, there is no other contact information on this store.
  • The timeframe to contact the team for requesting a return is too less.
  • The social media badges of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are inauthentic. These links open the webpage the user last viewed. The absence of social media connection topped by this falsification severely indicates this platform’s dubiousness.
  • The platform’s oldness is too less to rely on it.

Gustion Costco Reviews

This platform is too recent to be mentioned on leading feedback forums. Therefore, there are no references to it in such conversations. It seems buyers did not put their faith in this new website, which also has some suspicious characteristics. Also, the reviewing segment is missing from the store. As a result, we advise you to read how to Get Your Money Back from PayPal if you get scammed during browsing this platform.


There are doubts about this website’s genuineness based on our research. Nevertheless, it is challenging to judge Is Gustion Costco Legit owing to its recentness. Consequently, we request you know How to Get a Full Refund on credit card scam for security. You may also want to read some patio décor ideas .

What are your views about this website’s trustworthiness? Please share below.

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