Is Hometmall Legit (March 2022) Check Website Reviews!

Hometmall Online Website Reviews
Please read this composition to address your query Is Hometmall Legit concerning present established online store dealing with seafood and other food items.

Are you a die-hard seafood lover? Do you want to buy fresh and good-quality crabs and lobsters? Are you also planning to purchase a griddle unit to cook your favorite delicacies? Then, please go through this write-up without further ado.

In this account, we have shared information about a newly launched online portal related to culinary products. Customers from many countries, such as the United States, want to confirm if it is trustworthy. Thus, please continue reading to answer your query Is Hometmall Legit.

Is Hometmall Authentic?

It is essential that you know the following details about this website’s legitimacy. Once you are clear with the points mentioned below, you can decide whether to shop from this website.

  • Website Age – This platform is only four days old as its establishment date is 15 March 2022.
  • Website Trust Index – 1%, which can be categorized as a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Social Media Linking – All the social media icons on the home page redirect to the website. Thus, these links are misdirecting and non-functional.
  • Reviews of Customers – We could not find any Hometmall Reviews for any product on this platform. However, we did not expect any feedback as the website is too new. 
  • The Genuineness of Contact Details – The contact address and number available on this platform are associated with numerous other e-commerce stores. Furthermore, the e-mail address belongs to another company, not this website.
  • The Originality of Content – The home page and other sections of this website mention the name of another company. Therefore, it is apparent that the developers have copied the web content from that source.

Our gathered details depict this website as doubtful. Notwithstanding, we cannot proclaim Is Hometmall Legit as it is too new to be judged.

What is Hometmall?

Hometmall is an online e-commerce website that sells food items like seafood, caviar, meats, spices, dry fruits, nuts, etc. In addition, it also deals with griddle cooking stations and espresso coffeemakers.


  • Portal Type – An online store that primarily sells non-vegetarian items.
  • Portal Address –
  • Physical Address – 4446, Bingamon Branch Rd, New York, United States
  • Contact Number – 845 976 4640
  • Social Media Connections – Absent
  • E-mail Address – [email protected] (It is worth mentioning that this address belongs to another company. This also confirms your query regarding Is Hometmall Legit).
  • Shipment Information – Shipping generally takes three to seven days. Free shipping is applicable on orders above $69.
  • Sorting and Filtering Methods – Present
  • Return and Refunds Policies – Shoppers can return the products within thirty days of delivery. The refund timeframe is three to five days.
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned
  • Terms and Conditions – Present
  • Product Price – Given in USD.
  • Payment Options – Debit or credit cards of Discover, Visa, etc., and PayPal.


  • The product images on this website have exceptional clarity.
  • The designers have mentioned all legal points in the policy wordings.

Cons Elucidating on Is Hometmall Legit

  • Another company’s name is mentioned throughout this platform, suggesting that the web design is a copied version.
  • The contact details correspond to several other portals according to the Net.
  • The social media badges on the home page are misleading as they redirect to the website itself.
  • The website is too recent to rely upon.
  • The copyright badge mentions 2006 to 2020. The starting year is wary as the website’s creation date is a few days ago. The ending year also is not updated.
  • One of the quick links mentions forget password instead of forgot password. This grammatical error raises concerns about this website’s authenticity.

Hometmall Reviews

No user has commented on this website yet on forums like Quora or Reddit. The absence of its reference on these platforms is due to its newness and suspicious features. Thus, customers could not trust it at such an early stage. Also, the website does not contain any customer feedback on any of its products. Therefore, we request you know How to Get a Refund on Paypal, if scammed while experimenting with such naïve platforms.

The Final Thoughts

Our research and the missing features make this portal seem suspicious. Nonetheless, we cannot state Is Hometmall Legit as it is new. Therefore, we suggest readers know the Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card for cautiousness. Also, you may like to read about coffeemakers and their types.

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