Is Hortonway Legit {March} Read Reviews – Safe To Buy?

Hortonway Online Website Reviews

Read the reviews, Is Hortonway Legit, its pros or cons and also some features to know more about its authorization.

Are you Fond of Hoka brands? Are you looking to buy Hoka brands Footwear for mens and womens in the United States? Are you an international outlet that would like to allowance money in broadly accepted currencies?

Although we suggest you read point Is Hortonway Legit to know if the website is legal or not. Let us tell you about the same.

Is Legit?

  • Hortonway on Threat Profile: It gains very negative and low scores as per customer reviews.
  • Creation: 22 February 2022. It was a newly created website less than six months ago.
  • Last updated No last updation details available on the official website.
  • Expiry of 22 February 2023 (Less than one year ago)
  • Age: Zero years, zero months, 19 days.
  • Origin Place: United States
  • Trust Index: As per the analysis of the hortonway website, it gains a low trust score of 2%.
  • Social Relations and Hortonway Reviews: There are no social profiles and reviews of
  • Connection Security: Unspecified information.
  • Status of Blacklisting: NA
  • Contact Persons: Unspecified.

Brief is the custom collection website for every profession, hobby, sport, the passion of Hoka Brands. If you are a shoe lover, read more.

Here we present a few items available on this website.

  1. Men’s Hoka
  • Men’s Hoka Bondi 7- Black/ White
  • Men’sHoka Bondi 7 ( 2E-Wide)- Black
  • Mens Hoka Clifton 8- Black/ Black
  • Mens Hoka Clifton 8 (Wide)- Outer Space/Vallarta Blue
  • Men’sHoka Rincon 3- Black/White
  • Men’sHoka Bondi SR- Black/ Black
  • Men’sHoka Carbon X 3- Radiant Yellow/Camellia

Also, we discuss further in our article about Hortonway Reviews.

  1. Women’s Hoka
  • Women’s Hoka Bondi 7 (Wide)- Sharkskin
  • Women’s Hoka Bondi 7 – Black/Black
  • Women’s Hoka Bondi 7 (Wide)-Aquarelle/Eggshell Blue
  • Women’s Hoka Rincon 3-Plein Air/Orchid Hush
  • Womens Hoka Clifton 8 -Outer Space/ Atlantis
  • Women’s Hoka Rincon 3- Black/White
  • Women’s Hoka Bondi 7 (Wide)-Black/White
  • Women’s Hoka Bondi 7 – Harbour Mist/Sharkskin

Additional analysis and traversed websites show that it sells HOKA mens and women’s Footwear in online payments. It also offers a refund return policy on some rules and regulations. Unfortunately, it is a newly created website, so we have not much information about it.

Let us understand in detail if Is Hortonway Legit or not?


  • Buy Men and Women footwear at:
  • Price: The range of mens and women’s Footwear lies at $64.99.
  • Physical Address: Super Company Limited 85 Tottenham Court Road, Greater London, Greater London, W1T 4TQ.

    Note: The address provided by us, is not a returning location.

  • Customer reviews and supports: The website gains zero reviews.
  • Terms and conditions: You can check on
  • Privacy Policy: You can check the privacy policy on the official website.
  • Contact Number: No contact number was provided.
  • Store locator: It has not yet store locator.
  • Delivery Policy: Delivery will proceed in 1-2 business days.
  • Is Hortonway Legit on Tracking: Tracking is possible by trial mail on the Email Id.
  • Shipping Policy: Standard time: 7 to 12 days.
  • Return Policy: Return initiates within 14 days.
  • Refund Policy: The refund is processed if the return is approved.
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Mode of payment: Online via VISA, PayPal, etc.


  • All nesseccary policies are avialable.
  • Free shipping over US$ 79.98


  • Not having customer reviews and support.
  • There are many issues in the server while opening the website. 

Considering the point in this article, we can say that this website is not trustable.

Customer Reviews: 

Information from various sources suggests that Is Hortonway Legit is probably not secure. Only one of the website reviews found with high and impressive results.

There are no products and customer reviews available on Also, there are zero reviews on other social media platforms like YouTube and Social Media. As a result, gained a zero ranking score online.

As accepts online payments from Visa and PayPal, Be Aware Of Credit Card Scams to save yourself from internet cheating.


We cannot assure you about the website authorization. Visit this link to know more about shoes,

Due to low reviews, it is suggested to use only by internet experts.

The concept of Is Hortonway Legit concludes that it is probably not trustable website.

It only accepts online payments via VISA, etc., so Please know how to Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed to avoid fraud.

Are the reviews of helpful for us? Please share your thoughts about in the comments box.

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