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Hortory Online Website Reviews

Please go through this composition to clarify your query Is Hortory Legit concerning an online store that sells cases and covers of iPhones, AirPods, etc.

Do you own an iPhone? Are you looking for good-quality covers for your devices? Have you seen your friends using leather AirPod cases and want the same to buy the same? Then, please read this account to learn about a relevant website.

In today’s article, we have discussed an online store that sells the items mentioned above. Customers from many nations Worldwide are searching the Internet for more information about it. Hence, please continue reading to confirm your query Is Hortory Legit.

Is Hortory Authentic?

We know you cannot wait to browse this website’s products. However, it is wise first to check its authenticity and move forward. Please read the below details that we jotted from our Web research. 

  • Age of Website – This platform’s age is one year and eleven months. The designers set it up on 15 June 2020.
  • Trust Index of Website – 14%, which falls under the grouping of a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Social Media Connection – The social media icons redirect to the website’s home page. Therefore, the badges are misleading, and this portal does not have any social media linking. 
  • Customer Reviews – The Hortory Reviews available on this website are mostly positive. Initially, they seemed genuine and unbiased to us. However, when we surfed to the subsequent pages, a doubt occurred. The oldest reviews’ dates are from 2019 before the website was created. Therefore, it puts the feedback’s genuineness at stake.
  • The Absence of Sufficient Contact Details – The team has not mentioned its phone number or e-mail address. Moreover, the contact address available is not verified on the Net. So, customers have to wait for the team’s reply after submitting the Contact Us form. 

The researched details make this platform seem wary. Notwithstanding, we cannot proclaim Is Hortory Legit, and recommend readers gather more details about this site from open sources.

What is Hortory?

Hortory is a virtual commerce store that sells covers and cases for iPhones, iWatches, AirPods, etc. The material of the products is mostly leather with trendy designs. The covering for AirPods also has straps and handles. 


  • Type of Portal – An electronic commerce platform that provides covers and cases for AirPods, iPhones, iWatches, etc. 
  • Address of Platform –
  • Contact Address – 10-F, Telford Garden, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Telephone Number – Not given.
  • E-mail Address – Unavailable This point is crucial to confirm Is Hortory Legit
  • Shipment Policy – Standard shipment time is two to three business days. The website provides free shipping Worldwide
  • Refund and Return Details – If customers want to return an item, they should contact the team within thirty days of receiving it. The refund timeline is mentioned as seven to ten working days.
  • Sorting and Filtering Techniques – Missing
  • Product Price – Mentioned in USD.
  • Payment Options – Debit or credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, etc. 
  • Social Media Connection – Absent
  • Terms and Conditions – Present


  • The products’ designs are exceptional.
  • The team has provided adequate information in the Terms and Conditions.

Cons About Is Hortory Legit

  • The website is over a year old, but the designers have not uploaded sufficient contact information. It lacks an e-mail id or a phone number. Also, the physical address looks incomplete and is not verified on the Net.
  • The social media icons of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are falsified. None of these open any profile, rather, they redirect to the portal’s home page.
  • The developers have not incorporated either the sorting or the filtering techniques on this platform. 
  • The blogs do not have sufficient information. They are too low in content to be labeled as blogs.

Hortory Reviews

There is no trace of this platform on significant reviewing forums. Thus, it seems customers did not buy many products from this website or review it on these platforms. Simultaneously, the website contains some written reviews about the products. However, we are compelled to raise doubts against them as the oldest posts are dated before the website’s creation. Therefore, please know the Easy and Simple methods of refund from PayPal to be safe while browsing.


The details we collected indicate the dubiousness of this platform. Nevertheless, we cannot declare Is Hortory Legit and suggest buyers conduct further research before exploring this site. Also, please know the Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card to protect it. Furthermore, you may like to read the tips to choose the best phone case.

Did you ever order from this website? Please write below.

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