Is Ihomecarres Legit {July 2022} Know The Review Here!

Ihomecarres Online Website Reviews

Please go through this article to clear your query Is Ihomecarres Legit regarding a new online portal selling tools, pool cleaning tablets, coffee makers, etc.

Do you plan to clean your swimming pools using skimmer tablets? Or are you looking forward to making coffee for the family in an efficient coffee maker? In either case, you will find this write-up useful about a relevant platform.

Today’s article has talked about a newfangled shopping store dealing with a variety of products. Shoppers from the United States are searching the Net to learn about it entirely. Therefore, please read till the end to confirm and conclude Is Ihomecarres Legit.

Is Ihomecarres Dependable?

The facts underneath will clear your doubts that you have about the reliability of this shopping portal. We have gathered these details through the scrutiny of different open Internet sources. 

  • Platform Age – The subject store has crossed one day more than a fortnight. The team launched it on 14 June 2022.
  • Trust Index of Portal – 1%, which one can term a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Social Media Connections – There are no connections to social media forums on this website.
  • Feedback of Customers – The section to post the Ihomecarres Reviews is available, but no shopper has mentioned any comments, as far as we could search.
  • Contact Points’ Genuineness – When we looked up the provided address on the Web, it showed images of a home that looked far from being a warehouse. So, it seems the physical address is not genuine. 
  • Illogical Content – Few gibberish sentences are written on this platform’s Refund page. 
  • Disorganized Items – The products are placed all under one section without having any connection with each other.

It is apparent from the above details that this website is not worth trusting. Yet, it may be untimely to proclaim Is Ihomecarres Legit because this website is not even a month in age.

What is Ihomecarres?

Ihomecarres is a virtual commerce platform that offers different item categories, such as coffee makers, pool skimming tablets, tires, DJ controllers, storage carts, canopies, etc. Owing to the non-organized structure of the products, there may be many more items this website offers. 


  • Type of Site – An e-commerce site dealing with multiple item types for household, outdoor, etc. 
  • Platform Address –
  • Phone Number – Unavailable
  • Physical Address – 3754, Edgewood Ave, Fresno, California-93721, United States 
  • E-mail Address – [email protected]
  • Linking to Social Media – Not provided. One can consider this is a critical shortcoming to verify Is Ihomecarres Legit.
  • Product Price – Displayed in USD.
  • Privacy Policy – Stated
  • Terms of Service – Mentioned
  • Payment Methods – Credit cards of MasterCard, Amex, and Visa besides PayPal.
  • Filter By – Missing
  • Sorting Option – Provided
  • Shipment Policy – Standard time of delivery is approximately ten business days. The shipping charges of the free shipping threshold are unavailable in the policy wording.
  • Policies Regarding Refund and Return – If users want to return items, they must contact the team within thirty days of receipt. The refund shall take three to five business days post-issuance.


  • All items on this website have clear-cut descriptions, including technical details.
  • The store contains a wide spectrum of items.

Cons Discussing Is Ihomecarres Legit

  • Due to the absence of categorization, shoppers cannot browse the wide variety properly. They have to scroll down all items to choose their required product. Moreover, the filtering technique is also missing.
  • The contact address specified on this portal belongs to someone’s home sold in December 2021. So, it is difficult to confirm if it belongs to the website’s office.
  • The website’s recency and absenteeism of social media linking are critical shortcomings.
  • Some sentences in the Refund Policy are meaningless, and it seems the team has randomly copied-pasted them from somewhere.

Ihomecarres Reviews

A leading feedback portal user has recently raised a query regarding this website’s legitimacy, but none has answered it yet. No other discussions are available concerning the same. So, it is apparent buyers did not show much keenness to surf this recently launched site. Moreover, there are no comments on the website’s segment. Thus, it will be wise to know how to Get Your Money-Back from PayPal scammers if you face any unwanted situation.


The dubious aspects of this site indicate its unreliability. Yet, it may not be time to state Is Ihomecarres Legit for its naivety. Thus, it is advisable to learn how to Get money refund on credit card for protection. Furthermore, you can read about the types of coffee makers  with their pros and cons.

What are your thoughts concerning this website? Please write in the section below.

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