Is Ispalestore Legit {Aug 2022} Read Complete Reviews!

Ispalestore Online website Reviews

The article gathers all the information related to the website and answers Is Ispalestore Legit for the buyers and weavers to help them make their decisions.

Are you looking for a website that sells surfboards and other materials? Today we will introduce a website with various items related to pop culture and geek life designs for people. The website has multiple things used for daily purposes, and the list is endless. Buyers from the United States look forward to collecting from this website as it has all the materials required for everyday purposes. We will give you a detailed description regarding Is Ispalestore Legit

Is Ispalestore an allowed online e-commerce shop?

Ispalestore is a website that has millions of items from different categories. Those who love surfing can find surfing gear at a reasonable price in this Store. We will also provide a list of the things sold on this website but first, let’s look at some of the points below.

  • Domain date enrolment- the domain date of the website is 30th June 2022.
  • Trust value- the trust score of the shop is 2%
  • Reviews- it is this hardening that the website lacks Ispalestore Reviews by people. 
  • Alexa rank listing- the Alexa rank as we have found is 3322010
  • Plagiarism seen- the website seems plagiarised as some doubtful contents are seen.
  • Address licit- we are not convinced of the address provided.
  • Social media websites- the shop is not linked to any social media website pages.
  • Unrealistic discounts- the viewers have not come across any discounts that are provided on the products.
  • Owner’s information – no details regarding the owner are specified and hence we are not sure who created the website.

Information of Is Ispalestore Legit

Ispalestore is a website with varieties of things sold for buyers. The shop has products related to adventure sports shades, fridge torrent shell jackets, big boy shorts, cowboy hat propane grill and many other categories. The list is unending, and we recommend the viewer’s go through the website once to get a list of all the items sold in the Store. The website looks attractive with thousands of items

Features of the website

  • Domain- we came across the domain date as 30/06/2022.
  • URL-
  • Social media- till now, the website has no social media pages, so they cannot answer Is Ispalestore Legit.
  • Category – various items for men, women, and adventure sports.
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- 326 Canal St, New York.
  • Communication number: +1 929-392-1032
  • Returns mentioned- the Store has a 30 days return policy.
  • Refunds mentioned- the refunds are processed in the original form of payment within 10 days.
  • Payment accepted – payment is done through credit cards, MasterCard and PayPal 
  • Shipping and Delivery allowed- the shipments are shaped within 5 to 8 days after the order.

Positive points of the Ispalestore website

  • Ispalestore is an online website selling different categories of items all in one place.
  • Buyers can purchase the item at an affordable price.

Negative points based on Ispalestore Reviews

  • The online shop has received a very deficit trust value making it doubtful.
  • There are no discounts provided, and some items seem priced at a higher value.
  • The address provided does not seem authentic, and we do not think it relates to the website anyway.

Customer Reviews 

If you talk about the reviews, you may find it disheartening to know that there are no reviews mentioned anywhere on the Store, and as there are no social pages, we could not gather the buyers’ attention in connection to this website. Hence it becomes difficult to answer Is Ispalestore Legitand we can only confidently say about this website if we gather positive responses from the buyers. Till then, the buyers will have to wait before purchasing anything from this Store.

People who want to know detailed information about surfing boards  can read here, and meanwhile, they are also requested to read How to Get a Refund on PayPal.


We can say that the website does not seem legit, although millions of items are present. The website looks fake, and the trust score also does not support the website. It is challenging to respond to Is Ispalestore Legit after going through the shop and deciding whether to purchase or not. What are your views on this Online Store? Comment below your thoughts and read How to Get a Full Refund on a Credit Card.

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