Is Jemimam Legit {Oct 2022} Complete Genuine Review!

Jemimam Online Website Reviews

This post, Is Jemimam Legit, will provide readers with all the information regarding this website’s legitimacy. Stay tuned to explore more.

Do you have pets at home? Are you looking for a pet product? Do you want to purchase a shelter for your pet? If you want to purchase such items, then you must explore the Jemimam shop. This store is an online store that provides many pet products. This store is very famous all over the United States. But one must know the rate of the legitimacy of this shop before purchasing anything. This post Is Jemimam Legit and will make sure to provide our readers with all the necessary information about this website.

Is Jemimam Shop Legit?

Jemimam is an Online shop famous for selling pets product as all of us know that people are so much busy in today’s time. But it is very important to know the rate of the legitimacy of Jemimam’s shop. As we are aware of online Scamming, so one must check all the details of this shop before buying any product. Please read this information to know the legitimacy rate of Jemimam shop.

  • Date of Registration: 06th October 2020, This website was registered two years ago.
  • Registrar:, LLC
  • Jemimam Reviews: No reviews are there to be founded on the Internet as well as on the official Jemimam site.
  • Known information: Jemimam email address, and contact number details of this shop.
  • Trust Score: Jemimam site shows an average trust score of 60 %. One must check the details as more investigations are required for this store.
  • Social media accounts: This site does not show any social media account like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Unknown Information: The information about the Jemimam site owner is unknown.
  • Content authenticity: The site url is not redirecting to the orginal site. It is dubious because it directs to another shop named kristenshop.

Is Jemimam Legit? This website is showing average legitimacy rate. Moreover the section make sure to give all the details about the legitimacy rate of this Jemimam shop to our readers. The review section of Jemimam will provide information regarding the safety of this shop. Jemimam shop sells pet products. But as per the online scams happening nowadays. One should see the information provided below about this shop to judge whether it is a truth-worthy site or not.

Brief about Is Jemimam Legit?

Jemimam is an online shop. Customers can purchase pet’s product from this store. One only needs to order online and receive the product at home. Sometimes this shop provides discounts also on its selling products. This Jemimam shop sells many pet products like Pet House, Pet foldable house, Pet Tents, Bowl for Pets, Pet rope, etc.

Features of Jemimam shop

  • Buy pet House for a dog from
  • Address: Address details are not found for this site on the Internet and its official Jemimam website.
  • Return policy: some products are returnable and returned within a month. But shipping charges are taken from the customers for returned products.
  • Is Jemimam Legit? No reviews are there to be on the Internet for this site and not found on the Jemimam official website.
  • Email Address: [email protected].
  • Contact number: 020-36623164
  • Shipping Policy: Orders above 300 dollars will be shipped free of cost.
  • Payment modes: VISA, Credit Card

Positive Highlights

  • Policies like shipping and return look to be genuine.
  • HTTPS protocol transferred the data, so data is safe for Jemimam Website
  • The mail address and contact number of the Jemimam shop are found.

Negative Highlights

  • The owner details and address of this site are unknown.
  • Reviews are not found on the Jemimam site.

Jemimam Reviews

The Jemimam site has given only the information about email address of this shop and contact number. Information regarding the address of this shop and its owner is still unknown. This Jemimam shop doesn’t show any ratings or reviews on the Internet or Jemimam’s official website. Customers can purchase pet products at their chance. Kindly check details regarding the credit card scamming here for this Jemimam website before ordering any product.

Final thoughts

Summing up this post, we have shared all the information in detail with all our readers about Is Jemimam Legit? The trust score of this site is 60%, which is average. One cannot say much about the expectancy rate of this shop as it was registered 2 years ago. Kindly be aware of the scamming happening nowadays and check details on Paypal scamming here for this shop.

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