Is Kangoi Com Legit (Dec) Check Reliable Reviews Here!

Kangoi Online Website Reviews

Is Kangoi Com Legit? The legitimacy of Kangoi Com has been researched and specified in this blog. Moreover, get some knowledge about its policies, products.

Do you want to modernize the kitchen area? By getting the help of e-commerce media, you can easily grab what you want at a reasonable range.

The e-commerce media has the entire retail system globally, and its influence is mostly observed in the major countries, including the United States. Today, we again come with another retail store with various category collections but most prominently sells kitchen appliances.  

Howsoever, Is Kangoi Com Legit? Again the question has been raised, and today we will verify it.

Is the Kangoi Com service authentic?

Read the points below to know the fact-

  • Address Authentication: The location can be fetched on the map, but it seems not like an industrial area.
  • Domain Age: The creation date is 26th October 2021.
  • The ID of Domain: The ID name has been registered as 
  • Community Media Connection: There is no proof that the domain exists on a community platform.
  • Trust Score: In accordance with the checking report, the score on the trust index is 1% only.
  • Reviews: Absence of Kangoi com Reviews.
  • Plagiarism: Yes, we identify the presence of copied content. Kangoi Com’s content 64% is pirated. 
  • Registrar: Its registrar on which the domain has been listed is Google LLC.
  • Missing Details: Cancellation policy.
  • Broken Link: Around 48 link sources are detected as broken and non-clickable.
  • Owner Details: Considering the data given in the Terms & Conditions section, the owner is Kangoi PRODUCTS, INC.

Well, Kangoi Com was recently created and seemed not to have much status in the market. Let us verify the site more to get a decent idea.

What is Kangoi Com?

Kangoi Com is an American e-commerce retail store- has huge collections of different categories of products. But, Is Kangoi Com Legit? The site’s selling products are classified into the top 6 separate sections- Appliance, Game, Car-Seat Stroller, Car Tire, Toys, Sports Outdoors. In addition, a particular section is dedicated to showing their Hot Deals.

Checking whether the product has a description, we observed that products possess tiny descriptions (mostly an only line sentence), which can create difficulties while people will buy something. Furthermore, the item has a single demo photo, which can again create hassles for the users.


  • URL of Kangoi Com:
  • Address: 1913, 13th-Ave., Central City, NE-68826, United States.
  • Feedback: Lack of Kangoi com Reviews.
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1 661-293-9900
  • Cancellation Policy: Unavailable.
  • Shipping Policy: The duration of the delivery is 3 to 8 days.
  • Charges Policy: According to the site policy, the charges are flat 4.99 USD on every purchase but, for Alaska & Hawaii, the charges vary. However, the free charges option is available on over 50 USD shopping.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, Visa, Amex, Apple Pay, Clear Pay, etc.
  • Return Availability: Yes, available, but the policy remains active for only 15 days.
  • Exchange Facility: The exchange facility is there but has some exceptions. Moreover, it requires official approval.
  • Is Kangoi Com Legit: No strong reputation is present.
  • Refund Facility: Available, but refund is only allowed after thorough checking of the products.


  • A variety of products are on Kangoi Com.
  • The free delivery facility is open.
  • It is an SSL-certified site.


  • The score on the trust index is terrible.
  • Lack of remarks.
  • The social media icons are not working.
  • Plagiarism is detected.
  • Kangoi Com does not offer international shipping.
  • Consumers need to carry the return costs.
  • The cancellation policy is unavailable.
  • The Address seems not to be authentic.

Consumers’ remarks and analysis on ‘Is Kangoi Com Legit’:

As mentioned in the previous section, Kangoi Com does not possess any real-time consumer reviews. Moreover, on the site, we did not perceive any option via which people could provide their viewpoints. Additionally, no remarks are present over the Internet and social media. 

Though Kangoi Com possesses all the top social media icons in the below section, those are not clickable. Since several similar websites have a good trustability score, you can find those to purchase the household materials .

Additionally, read some tips to receive the money on the PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

Is Kangoi Com Legit? The store has been made recently; it does not have a good trust score, social connection, or reviews. So, online shoppers should take time to do thorough research as we did not find the site worthy of using. Again read how to get the money back on credit card scams. Is the article helpful? Please mention below.

2 Comments on “Is Kangoi Com Legit (Dec) Check Reliable Reviews Here!”

  1. is a scam website. The address of the company is made up and the phone number is not valid.
    They have a very elaborate technical way to have a valid ups number that gets delivered to a non existent name and address to show it has been delivered. UPS will not tell you any info since you are not the recipient in the tracking number.

    1. Hello James Anderson! We appreciate that you have shared and expressed a detailed analysis of this online site here. This will surely help other upcoming buyers to make up their minds. Thank You! Stay Connected!

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