Is Kbvert Legit {March 2022} Curious To Know, Go Ahead!

Kbvert Online Website Reviews
This article aims to prove the trustworthiness of Kbvert websites. Read more for having detailed information on Is Kbvert Legit.

Are you trying to find the best portal that gives every product? Are you aware of a new website that provides the latest collections? If not, then scroll down for more information!

Reader in the United States is excited about the Kbvert site. It trades with different products and trending collections. Unfortunately, this easy-to-access website has lots of tricks to earn profit. In addition, users are concerned about the authenticity of Kbvert.

After the research and analysis, we have specified it. To clarify the doubt keep scrolling down to identify Is Kbvert Legit?

Is Kbvert a Trustworthy website?

  • Website Domain Age – The website is less than one year which was created on the 27th of July 2021.
  • Domain expiry – website set to expire next year
  • Trust Score: the trust score of the portal is 1 %, which is categorized as a bad score. 
  • Alexa Ranking: Alexa order for the website is 7753160. It is very high to trust.
  • Contact address legitimacy:  the addresses are present online on many scam websites.
  • Email ID legitimacy: email ID is unresponsive and found on many scam sites
  • The Customer Kbvert Review-the customer reviews say that the website has products with unreal prices.  
  • Website Content Legitimacy- the website does not make original and paid content. It is more suspicious and full of copied content.
  • Owner transparency – following the website details, there is no specification of the team and the owner mentioned.
  • Social Media Platforms: the website does not showcase any social media connection signs or icons
  • The Policy of the Return and exchange – return policy of the ordered products work before 30 days. 
  • The Refund policy Is Kbvert Legit– the product refund claimed in case of damage issues on the product.

About Kbvert 

Kbvert is an online platform that provides excellent space for users to get collections of trending products at minimum cost. This website delivers the product to the user worldwide. 

The website offers different winter products, kitchen households, coffee products, and collections of combo sets. In addition, they have scrunchies, furniture, and ping pong game as per recent collection arrival.

The site is referred, to purchase by many public. However, is it legit?  

Read below for more information.

Specifications to clarify Is Kbvert Legit

  • Name of Website: 
  • Website Type: it is an online website that provides products based on sales. 
  • Product Category: a wide range of products of Hoverboards, scrunchies, furniture, coffee sets, LED lights, air blown toys, warmer, winter pants are available.
  • Price Range: The products’ price varies from $ 25 to 98 $. 
  • Contact address:15072, CA 93292 United States El Rancho
  • Contact number: no detail
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Payment Methods: Payment is acceptable through Paypal, visa, MasterCard, American express and discover
  • Shipping Policies: shipped within three days off order
  • Delivery time: It is not specified throughout the site.

Now, Is Kbvert Legit clarified? If not, then we recommend you refer to the detailed explanation below.

  • Social media links: no connection to social media is found on the website.
  • Return Policies: products can be returned within 30 days of order

Pros of Website

  • The portal is secured with an HTTPS certificate. 
  • The website has a wide range of products in every category.
  • The customer reviewed the site.
  • Shipping policies are available on the site.

Cons of Website

  • The website lacks an SSL certificate for safe payment
  • There is no info for delivery of the product
  • Contact details and support number does not work for any customer
  • The website has a quick expiry date.

Kbvert Review

The customer reviewed the product and complaints against the bulk buying scam and fraud payments system. Many trusted website lack to review this site as it has a low trust rate. Click here to Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed.

After analyzing the research from many websites and website history, the website seems to be a scam.


Concluding this news, we suggest readers ignore the purchase of any product from this website and witness the legitimacy before payment. Therefore, it is hard to identify and compare safe and secure platforms. 

Have you purchased any items from this website? Comment your opinion below to verify, Is Kbvert Legit?

However, the Kbvert platform is full of scams.

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