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Kicoro Online Website Reviews
This post on Is Kicoro Legit will make sure to provide our readers with all the information about the website Kicoro.

Are you looking for the best home appliances? Do you want to purchase Pizza oven Kit? Then you must visit the Kicoro shop. Kicoro is the best shop for furniture and fuel items. This shop is famous in the country like United States. People all over the world are wondering about this shop nowadays. But one must know how legit this shop is? 

In this post, Is Kicoro Legit, we will provide all the detailed information about the Kicoro shop. 

Is this site Kicoro Legit?

Kicoro is a very famous online shop in the US. People are purchasing many items from there. This shop’s best selling items are water sports nowadays due to summer. This shop offers good discount also. One can enjoy a swimming pool at home after ordering water sports items. But one should be aware of the scams also. So, please read the post carefully and confirm whether Kicoro is good for shopping or not.

Kicoro Reviews will guide all our readers about all the detailed information regarding this Kicoro shop. This section is very important as it ensures to provide the important information regarding the Kicoro shop to our readers. Kicoro is famous and sells many items, but an individual must be aware from the fraudulent activities happening in the world.

Kindly look up this section very carefully as this section will ensure you are secure to shop from Kicoro shop or not.

  • Registration Date: 18-04-2022, it is registered only two months ago.
  • Registrar: LLC
  • Is Kicoro Legit? This Kicoro website does not have any good rate of legitimacy. No reviews are found on the Kicoro shop online and also on the official Kicoro website.
  • Details to be known: Kicoro store address and Kicoro email is available, but phone number detail is missing.
  • Trust score: it has a very poor rate of trust index, which is only 1%. So one cannot trust this Kicoro website.
  • Social media: Kicoro stores are not on any platform of social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Security: This Kicoro shop is secured by protocol, HTTPS. So, one should not doubt the safety of this shop.

Brief about Is Kicoro Legit?

Kicoro is an online store. You can purchase the best home appliance items from the Kicoro site. This Kicoro shop will offer you so many varieties of items. This website also comes up with exclusive offers on its product. This site Kicoro sells water sports which is very famous among the people. Different products of this shop are:

  • The rectangular pool of ultra-frame shape.
  • Ladder for the swimming pool.
  • Best furniture items
  • Convection cooker etc.

Features of Kicoro store

  • Buy the best ultra rectangular pool from
  • Address: 2834Terrace of Harper in North, US
  • Mail Address: [email protected]
  • Refund Policy: Refund will be done within a month after receiving the product. 
  • Is Kicoro Legit? It has not shown any of the reviews by a customer online and on the Kicoro official site.
  • Shipping Policy: No detailed information has been mentioned for this policy.
  • Kiroro shop Contact number: Kicoro store does not provide any contact number details.
  • Payment modes: MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Visa, etc.

Positive Highlights

  • The refund policy seems to be good.
  • Kicoro shop is secured by HTTPS.
  • The email address and address of Kicoro are mentioned and known.

Negative Highlights

  • No reviews of customers are found on online and Kicoro’s official site.
  • The contact number is hidden.
  • Social media availability is zero.

Kicoro Reviews

This Kicoro site only gives two information which is the email address of this store and the address, but the contact number and information of the owner are unknown. This Kicoro store has no online reviews from customers and on the main Kicoro official site.

No rating for this shop has been seen on the Internet. People who want to purchase items from this shop, purchase it at your own risk and also check credit card scamming here before buying any item.


In this post, we have shared all the information in detail on Is Kicoro Legit with all our readers. The trust rate is very low, only 1%. Life expectancy is poor and predicted to be short as it is registered 2 months ago only. Please look at all the information for this website on PayPal Scamming here. Please visit this link to know about Furniture

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