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Kubapharm Online Website Reviews

This article is about an online pharmacy store dealing with multiple categories in medicine. Thus, checkout complete to know if, Is Kubapharm Legit or not.  

Are you looking for some medicines which are delivered to your location on time? Thus, we have come up with this solution; this website is a pharmacy website dealing with different medicines with high discounts to your place but before investing here, look if this site is legit or not. 

People in the United States nowadays prefer to invest in medicines; that are easy, safe, and cheapest with fast delivery. Hence, before buying, you should know: Is Kubapharm Legit! Thus, let’s discuss some factors to know its trustworthiness.

Authentication of site legitimation 

  • Domain Name:
  • Domain Age: It was created; on the 25th of May 2020, which is less than 2-years. So it is new in the market to know its trustworthiness.
  • Trust Score: It has a meager score of about 34%. This scoring is less to believe and invest in.  
  • Alexa Ranking: It has an average rank of about 4694209.
  • Expiry Date: It is less than 6months, the 25th of May 2022 being the last date. 
  • Kubapharm Reviews: It has only one positive review with an average rating of about 5 out of 3 stars, and we found mixed reviews about this site. 
  • Company’s Address: 20411 Neuralia Rd, California City, CA93505.  
  • Social media links: They are absent. 
  • Policy Details: Only the refund policy; is provided.


It is an online pharmacy store selling medicine alternatives to traditional drug stores; they deal with all -types of medicines, from antipyretics to painkillers. They accomplish customers with multiple specialists by proving your need is legitimate. 

Thus, customers want to know: Is Kubapharm Legit or not. They are claiming that their services to the clients are limited as:

  • They only prefer online orders
  • Seeking health privacy
  • Have partial health insurance.
  • They do not take up any prescription or proof.

After learning about the website, let’s explore some specific details, advantages, disadvantages and reviews for the website to determine legitimacy clearly. Let us start with specific details for a crystal clear data. 

This is also important as they are not taking any proof for prescription and providing medicines based on partial health insurance. Hence, it is important to know: Is Kubapharm Legit!


  • Domain URL: number: (513)760-0548.
  • Address: 20411 Neuralia Rd, California City, CA93505.  
  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • Website name:
  • Availability: 24/7 available.
  • Departments: Different departments they deal with are: ADD&ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, pain relief, stimulant, uncategorized, weight loss, and research chemicals.      
  • Return and Refund Policies: It is given to customers as they can apply only if the order is; not received within 45 days. 
  • Payment Options: Multiple payment options are available: Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.  
  • Shipping and Delivery: It applies to a price of $40 within 14-21 days worldwide.  
  • Security Policies: Payment security is available.

Positive things to know, Is Kubapharm Legit or not

  • They are providing 365 days with 24/7 services. 
  • They are providing medicines of multiple categories.
  • They are providing free delivery for shopping from $ 50 and above.
  • They are a business verified and secured brand.
  • They are having; 99% positive feedback with multiple payment options.

Negative things about

  • Their trust score is average in the market.
  • The expiry details of the medicines; are not provided with the description.
  • It has got 3out of 5 stars with one review on social media. 
  • It has an average ranking on Alexa.
  • No, where the doctor’s prescription is preferred, providing medicines.

What are Kubapharm Reviews?

As we have reached and verified the website reviews, we found positive and good responses from the customer. Altogether, some were mixed reviews; about the same. Later, look at the social media platforms, and the customer’s views concerned. There is only one view with 5 out of 3 stars.  

Customers commenting on the portal areas; we are happy with the services we have got and what we have promised to provide, but in the same way on social media, we see negative reviews as not delivered on time. Also, negative reviews are fetched from social media platforms. Moreover, click here to learn about saving your money from PayPal scams.

The Final Words

We conclude with an answer to the question, Is Kubapharm Legit has an average-rated brand with safe and secure medicines delivery. But, it has a low trust score, only three stars available in the market for less than 2years. Thus, it is doubtful and suspicious to invest here with no proper essential information being provided. 

Furthermore, click here to know more about medicines in detail.Therefore, we suggest getting complete information before investing. Moreover, please share your experiences. Also, click here about for, knowing about saving your money from Credit Card Scams.   

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